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As an Independent Financial Adviser your Website is probably one of  the most important aspects of your Business Development/ Marketing and Client Retention, however you probably don’t see it in quite the same way most IFA’s do not. I can also assure that most Websites designed by non experts do not actually deliver for Financial Advisers.

By correctly using the available technology, business generation or any form of marketing can be automated and will accelerate your business dramatically. Just think about it, all of the information you need to provide to a potential client in advance of them say “they want to do business with you” can be delivered in advance and automatically (we know as this is precisely what we do).

I can explain further.

Your Potential Client uses an Internet Search Engine to find your Website, and  provided of course you have taken some steps to ensure that the Search Engines can find your website you have the chance to engage with some 10,000 odd potential clients per month. Now that’s a massive number so I will explain a little.

Search term examples below

Independent Financial Adviser – 6600 searches per month carried out on Google.co.uk (Dec 2009)

Independent Financial Advice  –  5400 searches per month carried out on Google.co.uk (December 2009)

Now some of these will be from way outside of your geographic area and of course you may not want to travel, and that’s ok.

Out of some 11,000 searches (I have used 10,000 as a base figure to get rid of some of the time wasters). There a  good chance that some of these (lets say 50%) are actually not the kind of client you want to do business with anyway. So we are now left with 5000.

Of these 5000 another 50% do not want to do business immediately, so that leaves 2500 (however if someone does not want Independent Financial Advice why would they search for it? Answers on a postcard please).

We are now left with 2500 individual people searching per month on the thing that you provide and could be categorised and being vaguely right for your business.

And of these 2500 some 90%  live way outside of your geographic area, which leaves us with 250 that maybe are just kind of, in some way your kind of idealish client, and having spoken to them only 125 are sort of, well, I D E A L. I can show you some simple ways of only getting Enquiries through your website that are only in your area (simple to do just ask).

Now, how much would your business pay to have access to 125 quality introductions per month, if you decided to buy them in from a Lead Generator you could expect to pay somewhere in the region of £80 per lead. Go do the maths! For the lazy its £10k

Is it this simple, well of course not. However for 3 lucky Independent Financial Advisers we have done just this for them, put in place a process, tweaked what they had in place, made a few amendments and of course delivered the kind of enquiries that they had never ever had in the past.

Of course some of the processes we have put in place have helped with many other aspects of their business.

Has your Web Designer| Marketing Consultant done any of this for you so far in 2009? Have they called to have a discussion about it in 2010? Thought not.

Look by  becoming “Web Savvy” you will find it easy to reach the reasonable regulatory and business production goals (ok I could have said TCF or even that other acronym the RDR, there I said it) for your firm.

Support for the use of the Internet for Financial Advisory firms has never been easier to obtain, and Business levels for most IFA firms have been falling in recent years. Which is where I come in, not only with confirmed support but with experience of delivering for a number of major players (that’s in cash terms and no other benchmarks used). I also read all of your trade press so I know that any conventional Financial Adviser that tells me business is booming is a liar!

Competition from the Internet and  the Comparison Search Engines are taking vast swathes of business from all classes of Financial Advisers and the temptation is to try and compete, to take them head on! This will lead you directly to the poor house.

You do need a simple strategy and some hands on help and for those of you that want to accept it will find you business starting to fly, very soon afterwards.

For a limited period of time we are offering a completely free, no obligation review of your website presence. Let me show you how bad yours really is and how it can be improved.

The form is below  and I welcome the opportunity to provide you with our free report.

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