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Money Marketing Dec 2012

IFA Business Generation Workshops.

2013 brings with it some major changes with nearly all firms facing some  issues, but there is oodles of  good business to be done especially as getting quality advice is now harder than ever.

The real key is getting the right message out to your clients, or at least the right message to the right potential clients and using automation where possible.

The more leads you have coming into your business the more you can pick and choose clients which means you  can charge more.

Which is why your lead generation should be built into your processes, the problem is that far to many IFA’s are petrified about compliance and worried about using some of the online options.

These workshops are designed to deal with these issues.

Some of you may have tried without any real success, email marketing, website optimisation, pay per click and social media. If you speak to any one of the expert consultants in the marketplace they will tell you that one or more of these will solve your marketing problems, but in the real world  your potential customers are bored with interruption marketing, and are not really listening but they all have a genuine need for high quality advice.

Generally the statistics for the commonly promoted marketing methods are a little disturbing:-

  • Google Pay Per Click Adverts – less than 20% of advertisers get a positive return (source Google).
  • Email Open Rates – if you have a super responsive list these are in the region of 43% but for many the actual open rate is less than 10%.
  • Social Media – Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter | Pinterest | Google + are only increasing the level of enquiries if used in a highly targeted way and for most do not produce any measurable increase in business. Social Media is the *Emperors new clothes when it relates to IFA marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – with more updates due from Google you can reasonably expect  your website to be left behind unless you stick to some basic rules.

*My post on IFA life  in 2009 outlined why 99% of IFA’s would not be able to make Social Media pay.

So what is going to be the game changer in 2013 – well probably none of these on their own, but combined together with  a simple plan each one of these will increase your income exponentially and these new workshops will help you identify which one of these you should focus on and why.

We will  be looking at how to automate direct mail campaigns, along with your email and other marketing and how these fit in with your website, importantly we will cover the opportunity of joint ventures with third party firms and a bonus session…

Public Relations  – why nearly all Press Releases are ignored, and how to cut through the noise and get your message delivered using the leverage of PR (with Judy Sharp – ex Pernod).

These workshops are full of unique content and give you the valuable and proven  ‘how to’ information in order to move forward in 2013.

We will provide specific solutions on the day based on your questions provided you get them to us in advance samples of questions asked at previous workshops are below.

  • How to convert your website to a mobile compatible (Iphone/Ipad/Android)?
  • How to find out exactly what it is your customers want and how much they are prepared to pay for it?
  • How to use ‘outsourced’ staff to get work done at limited cost in order to boost business without increasing administration locally?
  • How to get ‘pay per click’ leads using a highly targeted method and pay less than £.20p per click and what you need to do in order to convert these clicks into sales.

These workshops are presented by an industry professional of some twenty years, with extensive compliance and sales training experience (we also carry our own financial promotion PI).

Each workshop starts at 9.30am sharp and runs until 5.30pm with 40 minutes for lunch which is included. Delegate numbers are small as these workshops are interactive, you will leave with your questions answered and a process to move your business forward.

Guarantee – we offering a £2000 guarantee with these workshops. If you don’t think that the information contained will  not deliver at least £2000 of new business to you during 2013 we will provide a full refund of the costs of this workshop, importantly if any point during the day you don’t want to continue or don’t feel there is sufficient value let one of us know and we will issue a refund immediately.

We are presently running these events across the South East and London, however if there is demand from other parts of the UK we will book alternative dates.

Prices (inclusive).
30th January £250
20th February £270

Each of these workshops is built around you and your immediate business issues. You will leave with the information and knowledge  to immediately move your business forward and benefit from two thirty minute follow up calls so you will get the help implementing all of the information you will pick up. This is the same information and knowledge we use when working with IFA firms in our daily business.

In association with The Richard Smith/Judy Sharp Consulting


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