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In response to a post on IFALIFE I have reproduced my comments here in order that all IFA’s (Independent Financial Advisers ) can benefit from these wise words.

IFA’s and all Business Owners need to get a grip on this and soon.

Having identified in 2000 that the internet was going to be a favoured route for generating business we could not find the skills required in order to help us as IFA’s so we went out and learnt the skills required.

We have now worked with a good number of players in the IFA and Direct Sales (FS) Market place. Simple stats, across just 2 of our sites:

fromm 5000 odd visits, we have collected 150 email addresses, from which we have done £14k of issued commision. Since January, we only record what we have been paid on, pipeline is around £28k.

This is easy to do, provided of course you know how

Simple steps, focus on what you what to be found for. Make your website Search Engine Friendly around these Key Terms, Automate as much as you can (if not outsource). Don’t forget your existing customers they need informing as well. Use Email and SMS marketing as much as possible.

Being Local, Qualfied and Friendly is no longer good enough.Have a look at your local Yellow Pages (it’s now half the size it was) all IFA firms are delivering the same message.

The local banks are cleaning up with good levels of business because of their COMMUNICATION much of which is automated. The value of any business is in  the relationships

I now have an IFA practice that is ready to sell – business has been increasing the last years and  I can focus on training IFA’s how to to this ‘new media’ stuff, only it’s not really new.

I have found that most IFA’s would rather pay for leads, than bother with a little more effort.

All the lead generators are doing is the paragraph… Simple steps and charging you for the privelege.

In recent months we have been trialing a Web and Telephone strategy in order to transform IFA Business and this is clearly working.

It’s just a shame that most IFA’s are too busy griping about the RDR and not focusing on the core business for which there is demand.

Richard Smith

PS for those of you wanting a WEBSITE  M O T, free of charge please make contact via Linkedin or this Website.

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