IFA Marketing Expert | Something for nothing – can’t be true.

Libre, Para Nada, Ninguna Carga – In English – something (for IFAs) for nothing, honest.

Since the release of about 20,000,000 Google Indexed Websites, all pre done and working there has been a great flurry of activity around exactly what is on offer for free from Google.

Well it’s simple, over the past few years the UK amongst other places has been mapped, photographed and indexed in order for your business information to be shared across the Internet under the banner of ‘places’. Now for most Financial Advisers these ‘places’ will remain as is until you do something about it. Like claim your ‘place’, once claimed it belongs to you forever.  A free presence within one of the major worldwide internet search engines! Amazing.

It’s simple to do and of course will cost you nothing. But it will allow you a presence within these search engines and provide a forum for your clients and customers to provide important feedback and personal statements about your services. A decent Star Rating will improve your overall presence in the search results for your given business type.

It is of course likely that decent local search results and some feedback from your customers may prove that your business is indeed different from others out there. Without a doubt some work on your local listing will help with your overall standing in search results.

Importantly the work you have done in the past couple of years in relation to Local Directory listings will no longer count in the main results. Not good news if you own one of these directories, or you if you have been relying on the internet traffic generated. As always in the world of I.T nothing stays the same for long and indeed with the Internet the game is always moving and sometimes very fast.

In order to force you into hurrying up there is a clear reason to start moving this forward now, and this is the fact that your places listing can be claimed by anyone. There is some anecdotal evidence that there is a lot of spoofing going on and you wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

So rush out and claim your free local places listing, fill it up with worthwhile content and with the extra income it creates you can start to plan your summer holidays.There is still demand for what you do with other a 1000 searches per month done for the term “investment planning” and with only one UK IFA appearing on the front page you are all missing out on good business.

Richard Smith

IFA Marketing Expert at The Richard Smith

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