IFA Marketing Expert | 94 Days To Christmas

I hate to start a post with a negative stance, however having spoken with about 12 IFA’s so far this week, it seems that for some Financial Firms out there there is a  good deal of pain still, and we are coming to the end of 2010 with cuts and VAT rises all in the bag.

Investment Markets are remaining flat since January and of course you have clients that want information and more want results.

One firm we have been working with for sometime has been doing a weekly Fund/Market update and sending this out to clients using four mediums, SMS (Text Message), Website Comment and a brief Audio recorded on his laptop placed on his site, plus email with links to downloads.

Guess what, rather than having clients on the phone complaining they are picking up new business,

Interestingly enough they are putting on clients that are being taken from other IFA firms in the area, In one year in they have picked up some 80 new subscribers to their blog, received 3 new investment clients from these and of course now have a lot more credibility in the firms local market. In simple terms they are bucking the trend and doing it as passively as possible. This is all done in space of about 40 minutes per week,

There are just over 13 weeks until Christmas, and that gives you just 24 for short months to worry about qualifications and of course the brave new world post RDR. However as I know you know there is a lot to do, importantly the post RDR changes are coming early, with most networks looking to cap commissions long before the date set.

I have just one question for you, are you bucking the trend, or getting the same as the the bulk of the IFA firms out there? See the thing is most IFA’s are not updating their Websites with valuable content and opinion and of course are not creating a buzz locally in their targeted markets and therefore not getting the results they should be.

I keep on saying, none of what we do over here at The Richard Smith is  complex, “it’s not rocket engineering” but we do, do. That’s the difference.

As always I am happy to work with/discuss options and provide some guidance where possible but please get off your bottom and do something, if not with us then chose another provider but please do it.

You can phone on 0845 226 9106


PS I often get asked, why I offer a Money Back Guarantee for all of the services offered, and it’s this simple. If you invited a Plumber in to repair a pipe and it leaked 3 or 4 days after you would expect a refund. The same with Argos or Tesco’s. Non delivery from us is a prompt refund and we part friends. Simple.

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