What The Fuck Are We Doing To Our Brightest Kids?

I can’t help but think something has gone terribly wrong here in the UK, we seem to be setting our future managers and future entrepreneurs on a path to fail miserably – just by pushing them down a road that doesn’t stack up as a viable long term solution to the issues of this world.

You and I both understand that the future is being written as I write this and the world we once understood, with all its foibles is changing by the minute, it’s changing into something very different.

Technology, jobs and our understanding of science is moving at such a pace it feels like it may end up destroying itself – ffs we have now got a picture – like a real image of a black hole.  It’s all moving very fast. And yet, for some reason, there is an expectation that the methods we’ve used in the past, that have stood the test of time are no longer fit for purpose.

Couple of things that spring to mind. Einstein mentioned that ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’ and that is reinforced by some very successful businesses in recent times just look at Google or Apple. Both of which rely on a shit load of innovation in order to survive, if they are not imagining new stuff and new methods they can’t survive. Yet our education system has this fixed notion that we need to cram more and more information instead of Imagineering [I wish this was my word].

Sure knowledge is knowledge and knowing stuff is one part of finding solutions to new problems – however, I get the feeling that the knowledge economy is stuck fast in 1960 or even before – it just isn’t evolving.

Uni Fees – Student Debt

We take our most learned children, the brightest and the best, educate them for three or four years and then push them out into the world – saddled with £60k debt – which is going to be repaid over their working life, with them hoping that the price they’ve paid (time and money) is going to be rewarded with increased in income.

The reality of that is this – the evidence that graduates earning more than other skilled workers is looking to get thinner and thinner. In fact, I would go as far as to say the having an ordinary degree is probably worthless in today’s minimum wage workplace.  

But it gets worse, the system of capitalism we have in place now seems to think that more debt is a good thing – rack it up – you’ll be fine – mortgage your future income – buy now, it’ll pan out – means that most eighteen-year-olds in the UK are being pursued by card companies with effect from their birthdays. I know my own daughter had her first credit card issued on her birthday.

This whole thing needs to be reformed. We need to adjust the education system so that we get more help to the many with regard to thinking skills, money skills, start up a business skills, how to think skills – god forbid – learn how to imagine and solve problems-skills

If we do nothing, there are going to be a lot of sad and lonely forty of fifity-year-olds waking up to the fact that their lives are coming to an end, there is loads of stuff they need to do still – but have only just got rid of the debt for a practically worthless degree and a three year long party.  If the Government won’t listen, you have an obligation to tell the story to all who will listen, before it’s too late.

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