How To Solve One Problem With Your Life

Stop being concerned with permanence and focus on ideas.

There is no need to be worried.

Everything will pan out to be ok in the end.

That is the way life is.

There is no need to worry or be anxious about what will happen or when.

Just know that everything will be right, there is no arrival no there.

It can’t be normal for any of us to live our lives as if there is an end goal, a final objective.

Because everything ends in death, in decay. From the moment of birth, death is a certainty.

It is the same for everything else all life is created and destroyed.

It is all transient.

Love, work, creations – everything is moving towards eventual death and rebirth into

something new.

All of the religions, all life teaches us this.

Nothing is forever, nothing lasts longer than it is supposed to last.

When we are in the depths of despair and we tell ourselves the story, the one where we are creating something that will be life changing, that will change the lives of others, that will put us on the pedestal, when we will finally get the credit we deserve.

That job, the bank balance, the adulation.

Then we’ll know when we’ve arrived. But, for most of us this never comes. We never quite hit the mark, never really arrive there. This is the reason most creatives, die early. Dabble with drink and drugs, live messy lives. They are hoping to do the thing, to allow them to arrive at the point where the demons quieten, where it is all perfect.  This will allow them to stop, for them to end being troubled souls – to find their thing.

To finally arrive there.

Only it doesn’t work like that, it never quite pans out they usually die before they arrive.

They burn out fast as they push towards ‘there’.

Quite simply, it is all a journey. Everything in our lives is impermanent, it doesn’t last forever, it is all a journey nothing remains with the kind of permanence we think we should be waiting for or working towards.

Despite knowing this we still live our lives as though arriving there is a worthy arrival place – and it can never be, we can’t ever arrive. There is no permanence, there is no there. Every life is a journey, is part of a process. A process of change, of decay.

The only thing we should be doing is moving. To live our lives based on principles.

Ways of doing things. Ways of thinking,

These should be the only  permanent things.

Building inside our minds has to be the first problem we solve, and then what we build inside should be created externally. We should do that before there is  any attempt to make things right on the outside. Everything starts from a thought, once that is right  we can  create our physical world -that is then shaped by materials and events.

But the original idea is inside, is us.

Any creation has to be inside our head first and then, and only then should we try and create it on the outside.

Being sure of your ability to think and understand how your own mind works, means you have a skill that will stay with you until death, what you create with your own mind is always yours.

Once it has been polished and tested inside you can then introduce it to the world.

The world needs your ideas, needs the principles you live your life by.

Needs you to act on those  thoughts, wants you to succeed in having your ideas to change the world – and then once you have spread the ideas and  thoughts these will be used to build your life and lives around you.

The fact that you have not created an icon, a building, a statue or some other semi permanent thing, does not matter.

Your gift will be better than that, it will be something that others can use, can build on, can make their own and this will be passed on from one human to another as an idea as a series of principles to live by. This is how you create permanence, how you achieve your goals, how you build a life of value that brings the right kind of change – this is how we all arrive there.

We use our own minds to create something that has purpose and meaning for ourselves and share that with others, with the world.

I like the term ‘idea virus’ , something that infects others and shows them a way forward. In a world that is constantly changing, that is constantly moving forward, that is destroying  as it moves  forward, ideas move us all forward, bring something that lasts, allows us to be there, to live a life based on principles.

This is what we should be doing, creating permanent change by permanently changing – and sharing our ideas. Journeying through and never arriving. That is what makes us human, that is what allows us to evolve to change.

When you are ready to get a shimmy on with  some of this then get in touch. The stuff I can show you will change your life and will certainly improve your business. One thought at a time. Less stress, more income, happier life. Really.

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