Here comes summer – sands of time wait for no man

I reminded you all last week that the middle of year was fast approaching. Yup the first six months is nearly over and it’ll be a short move to Christmas.

I’d hoped it would force you to consider what has happened since the New Year, to give you some focus on the fact that life is short, time keeps moving and many of us hope that things will get better on there own.

Only they don’t.

Newtons Law explains that nothing moves until a force is applied. Things stay exactly the same until something is changed, action is taken.

Go grab a pen and your A4 pad or journal (you do use a journal don’t you?) write down the things that have changed for you this year.

Itemise the little things, the increase sales you’ve made or the improvements to your customer base or even the better ranking of your website.

Write down the improvements made to your turnover, profits, time out of the office.

All the automation you now have in place to get stuff done while you are out of the office.

When you’ve finished noting this stuff down and realise that not a lot has happened and, you are broadly the same in late May as you were in January there is a chance you’ll consider getting yourself a kick up the backside.

There is nothing worse than having a stagnant business where nothing changes, no improvements are made. All you end up with is a the worst kind of job and less freedom than you wanted.

Happy Wednesday.


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