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Something to think about as another week slides into the ether.

“No chains bind a man so tightly as those he doesn’t know he wears.”

We all have these things, feelings, beliefs, views and opinions.

Let me ask, how are these working for you?

I’ve been speaking to a number of new potential consulting clients
today and both of them asked the same question, it’s normally worded
in the same way, but most prospective clients/Ninjas ask the same one.

It’s this. “How do I know I know what you do will work for me?”

I nearly always answer in the following way “in simple terms I have no idea, but can explain that what I actually do, what I really practice must work  – –  because you are on my email list, you used my contact form on the site, or you phoned me.”

It’s based on evidence, facts, measurable and real things, of course, I have no control over when people react and nor do you, and that’s one of the problems of sales and marketing in general. We never know when a potential customer is going to react to our message, what precise search term they will use – all we can do it keep putting the message out there and test, test to find what works – what brings in the result.

If anyone tells you any different they are telling lies.

It’s 2024, not 1996, things are very different now. A lot of the old stuff is not working as it once was. Thing is people haven’t changed much in thousands of years. If there is demand for what you do, if you solve the right sort of problems then what I do will work for you.

The proof is, you are reading my emails/ my content – I’m not reading yours.

There is another thing going on here, customers don’t believe anymore, don’t like being sold to, they like to think they are making a buying decision, like to have the information laid out for them, like to understand before they buy.

The evidence for this is everywhere, it’s on the internet review sites, it’s in the use of testimonials, it’s in stronger guarantees, it’s in the pre-sales process.

Go look at the likes of Apple or BMW. Sure, they are premium brands. But, there is a lot to learn from them, they don’t have pushy sales staff, they educate and help customers make buying decisions.

For your business, maybe you don’t want to be Apple. But you can learn from them.

Start taking a long hard look at your business, at how you do things, at how you can improve, how you can increase fees and reduce costs, how you can adapt your marketing and sales with more automation and more one to many systems.

When you’ve done that you’ll find your business is better, is like a cleaned and greased wheel just waiting to be rolled.

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© Richard Smith, 2017
…the brutally honest truth about growing a small
business in world of self interested crooks, scallywags
and charlatans.


  1. How do I know if what you do will work for me?
    • Answer: In simple terms, I have no idea specifically for you. However, I can explain that what I practice must work because you are on my email list, you used my contact form on the site, or you phoned me. It’s based on evidence, facts, and measurable results. Keep in mind that we can’t predict exactly when a potential customer will react to our message, but consistent testing helps us find what works.
  2. Is the old approach still effective in 2024?
    • Answer: Things have changed significantly since 1996. While some traditional methods may not be as effective, the core principles remain relevant. People haven’t fundamentally changed over thousands of years. If there’s demand for what you offer and you solve the right problems, the strategies that work for me can work for you.
  3. Why do customers prefer an informed buying decision?
    • Answer: Customers today don’t want to be sold to; they want to make informed choices. They appreciate having information laid out clearly before making a purchase. Understanding their needs and providing value is crucial.

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