Growing Your Business – make sure you take the time – Podcast

Phew, what a week. So here is a short but important podcast for you, enjoy. I’ve been promising myself that I’d get an email out and have finally made the time.

That’s made time and not found, plenty of stuff I could’ve done but you lot are important to me so here it is.

Coming back from holiday reminded me of a couple of things.

Nothing burnt down while I was away. No one died, the business continued on as normal.

Speaking to one of my Ninjas yesterday we both confirmed the same thing.

Actually disconnecting from your business for a week or longer should be possible, indeed that’s the way it should be.

If you can’t. Then very shortly you are going to be in trouble.

The trouble manifests in a disturbed domestic life, hassles, headaches (both physically and imagined) no time for fun and as much un-fulfillment as you can imagine.

Today is Friday, you have my permission to stop everything at five, go home spend the weekend doing what you should be doing or something you want to do.

Make the most of it, your business will be better for it. You can get back in on Monday refreshed and ready to go.

Have a great weekend.


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