Grey – Ninjas

Over the last ten years or so I’ve spent weeks and months listening to people like you,  watched them pushed and pulled in many different ways. I’ve realised something.

Us over a certain age do have some value still, have some skills to add to the world – and these are oft ignored.

I’ve seen some working towards retirement with grown-up kids still at home and parents starting to make demands  – reminds me of a nest full of baby songbirds – everytime you walk in the door the hungry mouths are there, looking at you, waiting.

I also mentor a number of business owners, many of them ‘young bucks’ so I understand how the modern world of business works –  these are called my Ninjas. Because I teach them how to use NINJA skills in the modern business world.

Interestingly, most of us over a certain age – already know these things.

Are You Over 50?

Let me ask you this, do you feel like things have moved on so fast you’re stuck?  Or  do you just feel like you’re slowing down – close to a stop, are you concerned about how life is, how you can make it give you more, to make it more exciting and even more hopeful?

There’s you  and me –  all grown up,  perhaps you weren’t  expecting to have to duff up a CV or even worry about bloody job interviews; you know, where the young slip of a thing looks down their nose  at you – not really understanding what you were doing here or what you are actually qualified to do;  oh and sure, not really admiring the grey hairs.

I Know How You Feel

Which is why you are seeing this page – I’ve been thinking for a while, there has to be another way, a plan b if you like.  So I’ve got a little plan together  – uber informal initially to see how we can work together and use the skills and experience that only a few of us have – what with us being experienced and pre-zimmer.

Focused On This

There are bigger issues facing us  – pensions are under threat, savings and investments are often not doing what you expected – and then there is the loss of self respect that comes with not knowing what to do next –  not knowing which way to move, not even having the energy to jump up and scream at the top of your voice.

Even your mates are not helping. Actually, many of them are in the same boat. Hit fifty, still got a bit of mortgage, no idea about the pension issue, kids still hanging around – not sure where they are going too or indeed when.

It Happened To Me – Bitter F’in Experience

I’d got close to making a mess of it all –  after a career in corporate and then my own business. Wife ended up poorly, cancer – all cured now though. Then my little illness – another twelve months. All told it took me about four years to bounce out of it – to get back in the flow and bang – parents start having strokes and playing havoc with my plans. Now I’m left with their detritus to sort through as well as my own.

I realised then that the plan I had was pretty grim and not helping me, after some long and late night sessions with my other half I started to work out what was wrong, what needed to change and then B A N G – a couple of revelations hit me – it felt like a light going on.

What’s This All About – You Don’t Need To Waste Time Being Told About The Problems.

I’ve decided to bring some facilitation and options to our age group – the fifty summats – that for no reason other than a changing world find themselves facing the brunt of change. I’ve seen it happen with the business startups I mentor – all facing the only option they have – starting their own business. Corporate England don’t want you – so it’s self-employed from now on in.

Read – working all the hours god sends for a pittance.

For many of you, this is not the right answer!

Over the last couple of years I’ve held a number of important workshops in Sussex, ‘over fifties skills groups’ and the ‘dying to know’ events  – both have told me that there is some work that needs doing in order to help you work through the excitement and confusion that hitting the big 5  0 brings.

Easing The Way

Don’t take this the wrong way – this ain’t no classroom with the formality that brings. It’s about me facilitating a group of skilled and experienced people that can bounce off each other and learn from them. And then focusing on some new stuff, working out how that fits. All of us learning about who knows what and how to use that knowledge.

Fact is, with four or five greys in a room, we could be getting close to 150  years of working and life experience – we all know stuff – that’s powerful.

The new ‘tech’ stuff also brings challenges –  but I can show you the ins and outs of all that – but we need to be able to mess things up on a regular basis in order to learn  – but where no one will notice.

And where you will get some tools you can use to make your life better, where you can learn some valuable skills in a safe environment – learn how to get up to date with social trends and get a handle on all this online stuff then this is for you.

Importantly, If you have ever thought about your own business or learning something to make you more employable or just want to be able to kick yourself up the backside – then my ‘grey ninja’ group will be able to help.

This is important.

You have thirty or forty years left, what are you going to do, work until someone decides you can’t and then spend your days, playing golf, watching tv, going to the pub. Sure if that’s what you want – then I can show you how to do more – but if you want more I can sure as hell help you with that.

The Deal Is This

Over the coming couple of months, I’m going to be holding a series of informal meetings around the county – I’m a grumpy traveller. So these meetings will be in around the county – Sussex. Probably Horsham – Haywards Heath.

The plan is to open up these meetings with a formal five minutes, after introductions.

Then some talk about pensions and finances for the over fifties – damn important and I am qualified to do that and then focus on getting you moving and then…

  • Help raising your profile.
  • Help with work and business issues.
  • Help getting you unstuck.
  • Help learning how to leverage your skills and expertise.
  • Jobs, CV’s, Moving to self employment, benefits, pensions.
  • Dealing with the parent thing.

Also including

  • Time management
  • Mind management
  • Family management

I’ll be honest, the subject matter is vast. But it’s important we can talk about them.

As mentioned, I’ve no idea how this is going to pan out now. So  I want you to register your interest by leaving your details below – no salesman will call, your details will not be hoarded and sold – it’s all held securely, once I have an idea of numbers we can arrange to meet.

The form is below, I look forward to hearing from you.

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