GDPR Small and Micro Businesses

GDPR – It’s coming in May.

Not long to go now. For those of you running your
own small business, perhaps a small local business
with a handful of staff – you’ll be sitting there
thinking ‘nothing for me to worry about!’

But that’s not the case, you may already be flouting
rules in relation to Cookie Policy,and if you are doing
any form of online marketing, sending emails – even some
transactional ones – like copy statements or invoices and
if you doing any form of data collection…like holding
your customer contact data. There is a good chance
you’ll end up with liability within the GDPR rules.

Now. I get that you are still thinking – ‘not my problem’
and you’d be part right.

It will take the Information Commisioners Office (ICO)
some time to get to you, before a proverbial ‘s**t storm’
comes your way but when it does you can reckon on at least
a few days of pain – while you explain yourself.

Sure you may think you’re exempt and it doesn’t matter
to you. You’d be very wrong.

At the moment, if you are a home owner and have CCTV
installed in your home – you need to registered with
the ICO – you are a data controller. How long before
it includes in car cameras?

Who knows – but you can reckon on it coming.

There is a problem for sole traders and small businesses,
in that it looks likely you should be registered with the
ICO now and there is a good chance the full weight of the
GDPR will also be required in May of this year.

I can help, I have download available outlining what
your options are and how micro businesses can cope with
the GDPR, further I can point you in the right direction
with some hands on help. Get in touch  and ask for the reports.

Best case scenario – you will not have to register with
the ICO or even comply in full with the GDPR however you
won’t know until you’ve checked. **** Important bit. Even if you don’t need to register you still need to comply with the rules – that’s why this is important.

Drop me an email for my notes on the Micro Business
GDPR and I’ll also send you a quick guide.

Seriously, you can’t ignore this.

PS if you think you already have a problem with GDPR and want some quick answers you can do a ‘borrow my brain’ and get all of the answers you want and some hands on help. In fact I’ll solve this GDPR problem for you.

You can contact me here. 

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