2021 – Fresh Start

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So here we are at the back end of the covid-19 crisis which should have ended in 2020 but has instead brought us into 2021. There is no way of knowing when this is going to end and for those reasons, I don’t want to continue to dwell on them.

There is already sufficient negativity around and I certainly don’t want to make you feel  any worse, especially when there are so many positives around – yup, really.

Reality is.  For both you and me, the old way of doing things is not coming back anytime soon which means for us and our businesses we are going to be forced to do things very differently looking forward, that might not sound great but…

There is good news because over the last couple of years I have started to bring together all of my work which involves business finances / business marketing / business development in general into one programme because they are all connected. If your business has either ceased to function because of Covid or you are looking to get a fresh start and move forward then at least for the time being you are in exactly the right place.


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I have the skills, the energy and the arse-kicking ability to change things for the better.

Over a period of a few months we will work closely together in order to make..

  • Your business and personal money work for you.
  • Your business marketing work as hard as it  can
  • Automation a key for you and  to systemise everything we can
  • Develop your future plans into something that makes sense
  • Dominate the search engines – cos that where most of it’s at (not all)
  • Assets sweat

There really is nothing like this 2021 Post Covid Restart and it’s the first time it’s been done by me in this format.

The reason for me doing it now are many. Bottom line is, after the last year or so I’ve seen clients suffer, small firms who couldn’t or didn’t immunise themselves against the situation we are all in now.

For me, looking in on ‘the small business situation’ it’s a mess, a train crash of epic proportions and…

Wherever you look – you will get sold something. Your accountant will sell you what they have, your financial adviser will sell you the same as they always have, your SEO guys and Adwords guys will sell you what they have – and the marketing pro’s well – that’s all they do. Not one of them has the thing you need – a holistic plan to storm your way our of now in to the changed world.

This Is The Thing

Together we will look at your personal situation, your business situation and make the whole thing dovetail together like a very well made item of classic home furniture. Something you look at and smile, something you love owning.

To bring you the things that work.

So this is what you and I will do over a period of a few weeks to start off with.

  • You and I will look at your personal financial situation, your assets and liabilities, what’s working and what’s not.
  • Together we’ll start to deal with your debt – the horrendous debt that is sucking the life from you.
  • You and I will look at your business, how that’s working with you and for you. What is it actually doing? Assets, liabilities are any of them working for you?
  • We’ll then start to focus on any changes that are required, what needs tweaking.
  • Together we can look at finances, pensions, marketing, business, product areas, marketing machines, marketing models, joint ventures, business and personal lifestyle, finding more time to enjoy it, to live it.
  • We’ll do this with a bit of humour and humility knowing we can’t change it all today. Over a period of a few weeks or a few months, we can ‘shit doctor’ things to where they should be. To get things working for you.

you may wonder how I can do all of this stuff- it’s not complicated, I’ve been around longer than most. I’m a sarcastic, unfuckwithable arse that knows how to get shit done. I’m grizzled, gnarly and swear a lot. But I am honest and guarantee your results. You just need to follow the steps

It may well be painful, you are going to have to look inside at your own head trash and make some space for new stuff in there – to work out you don’t know, what the unknowns are and to make the knowns work for you. Bugger, that already sounds complex. It’s not.

Some people think my work is childish, that you may think you are above doing some of the things I ask of,  do things don’t work anymore.

The fact is, I only work with principles.

Principles of money, principles of business, principles relating to how human beings work.

Because the principles have not changed for millions of years and most people are either chasing the wrong thing or chasing the same as everyone else. Which is fine if you want the same as them.

You can’t make your customers buy, nor the markets move in your favour – but you absobloodylutely can chose how you respond, how you adapt and what you do next. You can position yourself to get this right, be ready when it comes right and not give a damn about what others think.

Or you can stay as you are?

Most people you meet are in deep shit, some don’t even know it yet. But if you want to play your part in the ‘great reset’ and reset yourself – then welcome aboard. You have just met your very own Jesus in your very own and lovely Bible story that we are going to start writing, today if you are ready.

Over the last thirty years I’ve built websites, multi -media campaigns, been featured in national newspapers, taken businesses from bankruptcy to profit, created email campaigns, solved pension and cashflow problems. I’m am the kind of you want around if you have any squeaky wheels in your business or you are just plain stuck.

I am uniquely placed because of my financial services background (yup and qualified) and my business development experience which includes conventional and digital – that’s not talking, it’s actually getting stuff done.

Whether you’re looking to move your business online to build some kind of e-commerce type function or you are looking to take your business in a different direction perhaps to start making a profit for the first time in many years then we should be talking in order to make sure you can do just that.

This program is not for the faint-hearted or the slackers. It is not for those of you that want me to start working with you and provide you with some out-of-the-box solutions – there is not really any such thing.  For sure some of those do exist but they are not the panacea and will not be the thing that changes everything for you.

Looking for out of the box solutions won’t work because you are not out of the box, you have foibles, habits, stuff.  This is more about  work and dealing with the whole thing, the whole person, the whole business.  It’s about thinking, it is about quite simply finding the right headspace to move your business forward and then to make your personal finances work in order to support your life and business and then you will be successful, it will never work for you properly unless your internal game and your financial game and your business automation and customer getting game are aligned.

Provided you can answer yes to these below then we should be good.

  • you are looking to move from being just over broke to having a business that works for you.
  • you are wanting to move a sluggish business to the next level or to move further online and make things easier than they have ever been.
  • you want to take control of that money that has slipped through your hands in recent months and years and want to reverse that

There are two options.

  1. Belly to Belly – we meet once per month. On a done with you basis. I’ll work with you to get the growth and independence your business needs  – Click Here.
  2. Belly to Phone – we meet once per quarter. Then follow up at least fortnightly on the telephone – Click Here
  3. For those that want a quick fix my Platinum Small Business Consultancy (4 Full Days) Click Here

You will start to get breakthroughs and see the light almost immediately.

Together we’ll analyse and consider where you are now, work out what needs to change and then we can work on bringing that change today. More or less immediately.

This is like having your own man Friday working for you, solving problems with finance, showing you how to deal with debt, taxation, marketing, e-commerce and customers.

Finding and marketing new products, in new ways.

 The order box is above. 

Click on the link, fill in your bank details and we’ll be in touch.

If you want to talk in advance – fill in the form below. Give me your best contact details and a time to call.

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