Adwords – Five Facts Overlooked By Most Small Firms.

Five Facts About Google Adwords.

As my team keeps coming across poorly set up Google Adwords campaigns I felt it deserved it's own comment.

There are a good number of major resellers offering to get you a 'top position on Google' or to 'manage an Adwords campaign' for you, often these are sold on the phone and more often than not end up with a major spend getting clicks to a business website that will never deliver a profit. With that in mind I have produced a simple 'five facts' document that outlines the important points.

It is vital that you check to see what is happening with all of your advertising to be sure you know exactly what you are getting, and to understand the limitations within the setup of many managed Adwords campaigns. 

I have produced a couple of documents outlining the issues with Managed Adwords Campaigns, one of these is available for download below and if you would like the full version of the Guide To Adwords For Small Firms please contact me via the contact form.

Google_Adwords_Five_Facts (Adobe PDF format) 

The cut down Audio Podcast outlning three mistakes made by small firms is below.


If you have not upgraded your Adwords Accounts yet you should read this article and watch the short video –  Adwords Changes

Podcast below.


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