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It’s 2021  and soon to be 2022  – if you are selling anything you’ll know that times have changed.

Running a farm shop or smallholding is hard enough and there is a good chance your local community may well have been asking you for more and products and coming to you to buy – more and more often.

That is good news. In my experience having a working online offering for small rural businesses- farm shops in particular is more important than ever before.

Your customers expect to click and collect, and to get delivery.

The key for you is how do you do that with betting the farm on a digital offer.

I have a solution. It won’t break the bank. It is tried and tested – and leaves you to get on with what you best – running your business and spreading your message to your local market.

Shopping has changed. Food is soon to be uberised – local and controlled by local producers – the evidence is everywhere.

I have over five years experience of farm shops and marketing for local producers and have used that time to create a one stop solution for you.

Having a website is now a minimum requirement for every farm shop and you understand that.

My recommendation has always been – to have something that actually works – and an online farm shop is better than any plain old website.

Why just show when you can sell.

Online is booming. Partly because of the way we live our lives and partly due to Covid. With that in mind I have asked my people to come up with something that is really affordable upfront but will actually do some of the heavy lifting (selling) for you….

…with that in mind.

Online Farm Shops Are For Everyone Now

In 2021 everyone knows the price of everything and competition is everywhere that is going to get worse. Your customer expect to find you online and to be able to order now. With delivery to their door in a few days.

That is not going away and the key for you is this.

Would you like to come into the shop every morning with orders waiting? Would you like to be able to offer ‘click and collect’ so the townies can just pop in and pick up?

Would you like to offer a local delivery service but can’t charge for it because of ‘systems’?

Would you like to be able to promote an offer to your local market place on social media?

Sure you could wait and see – but that is problem and it’s a problem that can be solved now. You don’t have to wait.

For every product or service you don’t offer online or don’t offer for sale for your website then you are guaranteed 100% – no questions asked….

…not to sell any.

I am sure you get the point that your farm shop needs to do something different, something to make you stand out from your competition, to let your customers know that you are there for them, making it easier to sell more products and services, but also to make sure they come back for more.

You know that it’s easier to sell things to happy customers that have bought from you before, and that making things easy for all customers is the best way in these modern times.

The big problems are…

Making things easy using online in particular is not straightforward. Web designers often want your first born child, plus an open cheque in order to work with you. And then don’t supply all you need to sell more stuff, to engage properly, to build relationships with old and new customers.

With this ‘deal’ you get access to me for at least 12 months – in a hands on way offering help.

You get:

  • A fully working online shop and website
  • Social tools for promotions and offers
  • Search Engine Optimised out of the box
  • Guaranteed listing in all of the major search engines
  • Bolt on options (on the pay monthly these are not added immediately)
  • Help and assistance – me and the team if required

In a nutshell everything you need to make this work for you.

Ready to get this moving today – send me an email via the form below or sms/Whatsapp me on 0774 007 6226 and we can arrange to speak.

I’ve spent the last five years creating a number of solutions to sell, and engage, to offer an alternative to the usual – a web package for those that want to sell something that makes money, sells your shizzle, allows you to actually market you farrming goods and services – at a price that means you can instead of waiting.

Facts Are…

  • Online shops [e-commerce] websites are often damn expensive for rural business..
  • Difficult to manage.
  • Website designers want to make a meal of the process, want to over complicate a simple thing – you want to sell online and for the moment that should be enough.

My farm shop – retail package comes with a brand new online shop that you control, that you organise, that you decide how to promote and decide pricing, it also comes with a set of tools so you can engage, share, make offers and communicate with your old and new customers.

Businesses like yours don’t understand technical online issues, payment processes, security of client data, or how to compete with the likes of Amazon, Ebay and the other large retailers – all make a small business fearful of selling effectively online.

And that’s a problem I have overcome, solved – for you.

I offer a fixed cost for setup and ongoing management that is affordable by most businesses including startups and especially rural business.

I have also gone to great lengths to make sure you have access to the tools required, email marketing, social sharing, coupon offers and site wide discounts for those certain times of the year.

You’ll also get click and collect options for fast moving items that customers want to secure.

Each online shop comes with …

  • Easy update tools for products and services, as easy as sending an email.
  • Secure certificate (https) to keep customer data safe
  • A range of shipping options inc click and collect
  • Unlimited products
  • Coupons for offers and vouchers
  • Email marketing tools
  • A Google business listing and an SEO optimised site
  • Guaranteed Google/Bing listing
  • Mobile enabled
  • Social sharing and guidance as to how to use
  • Fixed costs you know in advance what it will cost you
  • No ongoing liability – not happy don’t pay – move it to another provider no problem

Fixed costs are £350 initial charge, £65 per over the next 12 months and then £12.00 per month to cover hosting and support costs.

I want everyone who uses this to be completely happy so this product is priced to be available for small business owner to use.

In the first instance, get in touch. We can schedule a call. You can SMS or Whatsapp if you’d prefer (uk +44 – 0774 007 6226) but what ever you do, don’t wait – even if you decide not to take me up on my offer…

.. I promise to add as much to you as I can in terms of guidance and help. That is just the way I am.

Get in touch now – no one will call you, you will not be called unless is by appointment but I know I can change things for you.


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