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How long does it take to get my Website on the front page of Google?

You had better ask Google as they are the only ones that can guarantee you a position on the front page. We as mere mortals can only guarantee to do the things that we know work, we can improve your position, we can increase the overall traffic to your website and usually we do this with a great position in the search engines.  What we do guarantee is this, what we do actually works.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our basic service starts  at £45 per month and rises to our Gold Level of £255 per month, we find that most of our customers settle for the middle band service of £149 per month. Certainly the Gold Level service would not be used for periods longer than 6 months.

What happens if your services don’t deliver?

We part friends, simple all work is carried out on a rolling monthly plan, just let us know when you want us to stop work and we will. Conversely when you want us to start again we can at your chosen level. We want to you to make money from our work and we want you to be pleased with what we do for you. Anything to facilitate that.

I have lots of competitive firms in similar businesses in my local area?

Great we like a challenge. Honestly we have been doing this for long enough to know what works and what we can do for your business. We always carry out an evaluation before we do any work for you, so you know what  you can expect and how long it is likely to take.

Can I keep my existing Website?

Of course but we would build you a completely new one that fits your business, this means you will then have your own email and hosting facilities along with all of the functionality of a modern and upto date site.

Do you place links or logo’s on your site?

Only yours unless we pay you rent to use your site as a bill board.

Do you offer a money back guarantee on your services?

We want to deliver for your business to increase sales, improve profits and of course if we work for you and for whatever reason don’t do what we say we will do of course a full refund of all monthly and single payments will be made ( there are a couple of caveats on this but no small print).

You can call me today on  0845 226 9106 to discuss the improvements we can make in your business.





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