Getting New Enquiries – is the life blood of any business.

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We both know that generating leads is the starting point of any business. If you can’t make the phone ring or the emails ping you don’t really have a business.

As a  business owner there are several ways to turn but…

For the moment, stay with me while I explain. This will take you a few minutes to read, but I promise it will be worthwhile.

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It’s 2021 and N O T H I N G  is like it was.

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As you know conventional advertising is not really working post Covid and there is a small  amount of desperation amongst some firms as it looks likely this is going to get worse. There are several reasons for these changes and most are not Covid related.

In the main, reasons for advertising results slowing are…

  1.  Customers changing, most of us humans display ADHD type tendencies when using the internet – reading magazines or newspapers. Lack of focus, click here, click there.
  2. Competition – five years ago there was only one or two plumbers in East Grinstead, one kitchen fitter and one scaffolder, a handful of garages and a limited number of barbers.
  3. Bombarded by information. Have you seen the number of ads on Facebook recently, the number of ‘through the door magazines, internet search results by the pageful?

Every business is targeting those customers who are ready to buy now. This means the entire focus is on catching these likely targets and the messages are similar. Most advertising is saying the same thing.

New, cheapest, instock, best. When everyone says the same customers are more likely to move on, to search elsewhere. Meaning your spend on ads or time spent on search marketing or whatever place you decide is best – will be producing fewer sales.

You may have heard that online is where it’s at, and you would have been more confused by the cold calls talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), or blogging, or Content Marketing or PPC or Google Business listings. The list goes on forever and you could end up with ten or more specialists working for you in the hope that one will work.

Reality Check. Good luck with that. Because they all work, just probably won’t work for you.

I’ll explain why.

The top spot in Google, on the front page for competitive and profitable terms  – like  “Plumber in East Grinstead” are dominated by Google product results ( you can use X in any town)…

  • Their Adwords – ‘sponsored by’
  • Google Business listings 


The rest of the page is full of ‘directory type entries’ from some very big players who specialise in gaming Google.

These firms will be producing a lot of dedicated content and have teams doing the “gaming.”

None of us can compete with them – and it would be financial suicide to try.

Importantly, Google plays a game with advertisers simply because they know that some of them play a game with Google. Truth is, they can’t win because it’s Google’s game. Their rules and they change them on a whim. It is not a game than can ever be won,  against an unseen and clever opponent.

* Please note, this is not only Google, all of the search engines/social media platforms play a similar game with hidden rules.

This leaves you,  a couple of options. You can try and play a game you are most certainly likely to lose or …

… You can use the Google tools to make the most of your position (recommended), for example making the most of Google Business Listings, getting independent reviews and using product placements on the same platform as ads.

This means you could dominate the front page at little cost but with information that allows your customers to make a buying decision. Both of these businesses shown are my clients that generate enquiries for less than £10 per day and can turn them on and off at a whim.   You may end up spending more or less than them, it could of course be more.

All of the images below are from recent work. Both businesses are generating high quality leads from the internet and social media using the principles I have outlined above.

Customer 1. 26 leads last month in a manufacturing business.

Customer 2. 750 new customers since October 2019 (to August 2020).

Full Disclosure Here.

I can’t guarantee you the same results that would be wrong. But I can guarantee you this,the more times you appear on the front page of Google, the more rave reviews you collect, the more your potential customers see how others think of you the more leads you’ll pick up.

The tools are provided because Google wants to improve their customer’s experience, if you can leverage that to get more leads, then that is a great thing.

You’ll need these…

  1. Improve your presence in two areas of the internet
  2. Roll out some cheap ads (possibly)
  3. Do the opposite of your competitors and prove your skills and expertise

It really is that simple and  I  help you do that. 

Ready to get a shimmy on with some of this then…

Use the form below. I’ll send some further information on this and how I work?

So do this…

Send me your details using the form below. You can have a read through some of that, and if you want to move to the next stage – a telephone conversation then we can, I leave that up to.

There is no follow up to this information, no one will call. The documents will tell you exactly how  I do this lead generation for you and outline the costs – there is no commitment either now or when we work together. You can have your leads generated on a ‘pay as you go basis’ or however you’d like them.

Once you’ve read through the information you can work out if I will add some value. If that does then great get in touch. If you want to do it yourself – then I wish you all the best.  None of this is massively tricky but is a bit time consuming initially. You can keep the information from me, it’s on me, not charge.

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Privacy Notice. Your information is not shared, loaned or handed to any third party. Ever!

PS Provided you act on the information. You will be in a position to start growing your business organically. This is the best way to do it for long term success. There is never a quick fix and the online tools can only help so far. They are a quick fix whilst you build other systems


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