Direct Debit For Small Business

Your small business has probably been told by the Bank that it’s not possible for you to have, you’re to small, not turning over enough or many more other excuses as to why you can’t have DIRECT DEBIT facilities for your business.

Fact is Direct Debit works.

  • Clients love it
  • It’s easy to administer
  • It’s kind of fail safe
  • Saves you having to collect cash
  • Is cheap to use

Bottom line is the Banks all want to keep the best stuff for themselves and their favoured ‘big players’.

Now is the time get your own back, the number of supplies now offering Direct Debit for small business is growing – to the point where there are now a number to choose from. Key for you is which one?

Because I just love automation and because I want to see all small businesses thrive, I’ve been focused on this area for a few years.

I have a solution. Not some pie in the sky promise, but something I can have set up for in a few days so you can improve your cashflow starting very soon. You also get a number of tricky add on’s which relate  to compliance and your website sorted.

If you think your business could benefit from the use of DIRECT DEBIT and you want some impartial advice on the matter, you’d better get in touch. Here Direct Debit for Small Business.

You can even download my ‘oldish’ report on the subject. Independent Guidance on Direct Debit for small business. No charge.

Of course when you’re ready to move forward with your business, like actually making more money and you’re sick of working harder than you need to, and not earning enough. You may want to join my Ninjas. Plenty of dark arts to save and make more money going on over here.

Find out more, get on the list. It’s a bit sweary but will put pounds in pockets.

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