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Ever wondered why some days your work seems to fly!

Other days everything goes wrong – you can't find your keys, the car wont start and every traffic light is red, and then your boss is on your case and clients.. well they are just clients.

There is a reason for both of these days, and it's nothing to do with you.

Or at least not 'on the face of it'. It has everything to do with your attitude and approach to everything in  your life.

See we have this little monster (Critter) inside us that insists on messing up all of our plans, this little Critter causes depression and anxiety and shows up at the most awkward moments – to upset and disturb your day.

But there is a problem none of us know how to shut this Critter up, but it hides amongst us and causes problem after problem. Importantly this little Critter has been taught well. See, it does not exist in kids, they don't have the same thing.

As adults we learn to accept it, listen to it. Be driven by it. Everything you think and feel is controlled by it. As you read this short text, it is trying to distract you. To move you off the page like you are an ADHD affected nutter.

Stop reading and listen. 

Did you hear it, did you hear it telling you that this would not help? I know you did, see the difference between a superb life free from illness and disease and being in control of everything you do is all about sorting out this damn Critter.

The good news I can give you tools to help, these are the same tools that I have succesfully given to my kids, and all of the people I have mentored in the past thirty years of business.

This stuff works, provided you can listen and practice some easy steps.

If you have or have suffered with in the past…

  • Being stuck.
  • Being  stuck in a crap relationship.
  • Being stuck  in a crap job/business.
  • Being bored, with no future.
  • Are overweight and want to lose.
  • Suffered with depression or anxiety.
  • Had money problems are having money problems.


Or if you just want to move forward with a life supercharged with great things I can show you how to shut the Critter up and how to move forward. One to one sessions are available, or if you want to join my next group training, get in touch today.

Results are guaranteed, and once you get how this works you will never want to live with your Critter again.

You can contact me here – make sure your mention your Critter in the email. 


Ps just in case you are wondering I am not a New Ager, Hypnotherapist or Drug Dealer, it most definately not religion.



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