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Depression – Mindfulness and Micro Biz.


I have been writing a long running series of articles about using your own mind to solve business and personal problems – nothing to far out there but a good deal of practical stuff you can use.


Working out what things you don’t want and turning these into do wants.


You may have heard the phrase ‘ you get what you focus on’ and that’s true.   Depending on the state of your own mind health your thoughts may be something like this, most of the time…


    I don’t want to be poor.

    I don’t want to be in poor health

    I don’t  want to be living here

    I don’t want to be doing this

    I wish I had more money    

    I wish she hadn’t had said that


These thoughts go round and round and round. It’s called rumination and it’s something people with depression do – hold on their. Just because you ruminate does not mean you have depression. Pleased to clear that up.


What ever you focus on you get.

It has been proven that you will get more of what you focus on, by being negative and only focusing on what you don’t want means you will only get more of that.


So for next few days let me give you some freedom from yourself.


Ignoring the crisis that is on your desk/in your bank account – let it go for a few days. Give yourself some space. Once work is finished that’s it. Leave it there. As far as your finances are concerned, spend the next couple of days spending as little as you, but don’t ruminate on how bad it is.


For the  next few days focus on one positive thing each day. Every time you have a crummy thought bring your focus back to the one thought that makes you smile. It could be child, an old friend or happy times. Every time you get the ‘I’m not worthy’ thought, think about the happy time. Hold it in your mind until you FEEL better – you’ll know what I mean.


Smile often –  bring the smile up from your stomach and then fill the whole body with this one positive thought about the one thing. Overwhelm the crummy thought with positive emotion, bury it deep and let it go.


You may have stopped living  in the now, the past has gone and the future has not yet arrived and you only have now, this one moment. Make the most of it.


Stop frequenting places that bring you down, work accepted for the time being. No Pubs, Clubs or similar and avoid negative people.


Meditate everyday. Get in touch if you have no idea what I mean by this.


Walk every day for at least thirty minutes irrespective of weather.


Watch at least thirty minutes of your favourite comedy every day, download some jokes  wiggle your bum  while  you are watching (optional)


Grounding get at least ten minutes of ‘bare feet’ per day. I have some further articles on this if you have no idea why this is such a valuable exercise.


Work on finding a further twenty things you are grateful for and positive about.


Making a formal plan for your future,  focusing on the things you want to do. This could be a business, travel or whatever you want. It’s important to give your mind something to focus on, something in the future. Notice  I didn’t call it a goal. Some people get hung up on goals and goal setting, don’t.

Get in touch when you want to work with me. Depressed, stuck, financial up shit creak, business not what it should be I can offer you the assistance you deserve.

Richard Smith works in the area of small business development with a focus on the things that really make the difference – what is going on inside your head. I also teach mindfulness to help depression and other ailments of the body and mind. No woo woo just practical and proven things.


You can contact me using this page.

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