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Worked with Al to solve some of the technical issues with his website and to improve the overall search engine rankings. Solve a number of security issues with the site.


UK Independence Party Ukip approached me to provide some guidance and help in relation to the local branch presence across the South East.  I have worked with them to work out a structured approach to their online marketing and presence.

Support and consultancy in the areas of local marketing via email and some social media.

FlaxfarmWork with Flaxfarm.litd to solve some of their online and offline marketing issues and creating some new sales processes. – work in progress. This is a new start up in the building and allied support services. Lots to do and create.




Rob Patten Independent Financial Adviser – IFS (NW) Ltd

Rob Patten


Rob wanted to implement a number of email marketing strategy’s and maintain contact with his client bank. I created a number of systems to help him deliver just that. 

I met Clare at the Internet Marketers lunch in London and agreed to provide her with some help and guidance in relation to her start up. Clare is a great DJ and Producer having worked with MTV and the BBC amongst other projects. I am still working with Clare (on a free of charge basis) not only because I am interested in music but interested in any start up business that wants to do more via the Web. Once she hits her profit targets  she will settle with me (happy to do the same for you)

Especially if you are working with or want to work with 18 -30’s.

If you are like Clare, a start up and are just blinded by your options you can contact me here  Richard Smith

Colin Palmer financial services. Colin had read my articles in Professional Adviser magazine and wanted to work with someone that had a range of skills required by professional services firms. His existing websites were not performing and he was effectively being ripped of by his existing firm (charging over £200 per year just for his domain names).

I spent some time rebuilding his sites and moving them across to a platform he could upadate whenever he wanted, and implemented closely targeted Social Media campaign for him. All of his sites are now producing leads and are Googleable.

He had some words to say about me and these are here. Richard Smith IFA  Marketing Expert

If you are like Colin and manage a financial services or professional practice you can contact me here  Richard Smith


Simply Free Solar

This project was about putting in place the sales and marketing proceses in place  for a brand new ‘solar panel installer’. None of the sales automation was in place, only the database and the basic call centre stuctures. Redesign of the website in order to put in place a system that was updateble by staff at the firm along with creation of interactive scripts for the site (done in house).

Summary – Fairly straight forward sales process engineering project putting in place software. templates and automation to increase the levels of business that was being done.

I also carried some search engine marketing for Simply Free Solar and provided a range of  advice in relation to processes, sales letter templates and introduced software to aid tracking and sales.

Are you like Simply Free Solar a start up with Big Plans, headed up by a young and skilful entreprenuer you can contact me here  Richard Smith


 Financial Adviser Birmingham

Whitehall Partnership specialise in a range of investment and pension solutions, and are perhaps the only firm in the UK to be telling the truth about Trustee Investments (the kind that are often managed by Solicitors).  There review service for your existing investments takes into account your objectives and provides a range of solutions. Importantly they will prepare a report comparing your existing investments and the level of charges at your first meeting. If you have investments that are managed by Lloyds/Barclays/HSBC Wealth Managers you should pop over to their website and check what they can do for you.

Richard Smith

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