Coupons Are One Of The Easiest Ways To Grow Your Business.

As the owner of a business you already know that your customers want deals and offers. Of course they expect great service, but what really gets them is a great offer.

You also need more leads coming into the business and more visitors to your website. Conventional advertising is no longer as effective as it once was and your customers are bombarded with messages from every quarter.

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Importantly, you are forced to compete with Groupon and Wowcher. Using these services can be expensive for your business, as you end up supporting their business in a wholesale giveaway. Any business owner can see that selling quality service at a 75% discount is madness!

It’s just not possible to make a profit from voucher deals, and most small businesses enter into these arrangements blindly, without fully understanding the implications.

You know that your customers want to pay less. You likely have ideas on how to make offers, but what you need is an easy way to get offers in front of customers. Even if you wanted to get a Groupon-style offer out today, you’d have to:

  • Work out the deal
  • Get flyers designed
  • Get them printed
  • Distribute them
  • Wait for a response

That process could take days out of your work week, only to find the offer doesn’t resonate with your clients – not an ideal situation. Being able to move quickly and test offers is very useful.

What you need is control of your advertising so you can react immediately. With the right systems, you could be offering voucher deals to your customers in hours, without printing or posting – and at a fraction of the cost you might expect.

Like you, I’m amazed more small and medium businesses don’t offer vouchers and take control of this area. Especially since conventional marketing is not delivering results.

There’s a lack of decent support for small businesses because there are few advisers who can also implement solutions, not just sell them. We’ve been doing this for 16 years across many industries – our clients call us implementers because we get things done.

Every adviser wants to sell you their solution, rather than objectively determine what will work best. The reason they don’t offer the right solution is that most lack creativity and problem-solving ability.

You may think running voucher schemes is difficult and expensive. But with current technology, it’s easy and affordable to create and distribute offers to clients – you just need the right systems and approach.

Do you want to instantly promote products and services when you choose? Do you want to keep the lion’s share of income, unlike Groupon and Wowcher? Well, now you can!

You can test offers and adapt messaging quickly based on response – testing is crucial. You decide how to combine or standalone offers, and build in upsells.

Current software and tech make this possible at low cost. Your customers need constant reminders you exist. You must engage them directly with offers they can’t refuse, on your terms.

This approach caps your costs, and you own the systems indefinitely. Let’s discuss how it can work for your business. With the right implementation, you could be up and running within days.

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