Christmas 2011 – Make My Business Googleable.

Over the coming couple of weeks I will be finishing my second book -”make your business googleable in 21 days or less” and have a special deal for 4 business owners.

The information contained in this book will seriously allow you to take your business to the next level online or at least give you the tools you need to either DIY or seriously find someone that can do it for you.

** also included is the one thing that is missing from your current marketing that all of your potential customers are really wanting**

No other SEO firm,  no other Web Consultants or Designers are even talking about this yet let alone providing guidance on it and for any business selling products or services you cannot afford to ignore it. It’s amazing no one is talking about it.

I have taken all of the information and knowledge learned in the past 12 years and condensed the important bits you will need to make your business rank well within all of the internet search engines and more:-

  • Why Social Media is probably not the best way forward for your business?
  • What two things can you focus onto get rapid results.
  •  Why the Search Engines want you to be successful and what you can do about it.
  • Why big chunks of the Web Design/Social Media Consultancy/Search Engine Optimisation Consultants can never deliver long term.

The contents of this book and supporting content finally expose the real secrets to getting well ranked within the search engines (and the biggest secret of them all – there isn’t one) there is only knowledge you don’t have yet.

So what’s in the book?

  • Proven and Tested strategies that will deliver your online presence within days.
  • The real world issues that face businesses in this modern internet world.
  • Outlined in detail why Social Media is probably not a good idea now.
  • A sectioned containing all you need to know about the Search Engines and what the ‘specialists’ don’t want you to know.

But I need your help.

I am looking to include some case studies, some businesses that are struggling to get found online. These case studies will be used as part of our online training/support for the book.

Your business will be featured in full outlining where we started and where it ended up online.

Guarantees that apply to this Offer.

  • Guaranteed vastly improved search engine ranking (if not at the top then close)
  • Guaranteed increase in the number of visitors to your site.
  • Guaranteed increase in the number of leads received.
  • Guaranteed success or your money back (even at the discounted rate)

You will get our full service package (normally £850 plus £500 per year), which includes.

1.A new website, domain name and fully functioning web space.

2.All of the setup and initial search engine optimisation done.

3.A guaranteed Google, Bing and Yahoo listing.

4.Fully configured wespace and hosting for 12 months (usual charges thereafter with no cost for moving).

5.Our Webmaster manual outlining all you need to know and do for online marketing.

***A free copy of the book once published (expected Feb 2012) **

I am looking for 4 firms to take part, ideally in your first or second year  but happy to consider others.

The total cost to the lucky 4 will be £120 a £720 discounted package, a Merry Christmas indeed.

You can call  on 0845 226 9106 or use this page Contact Richard Smith


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