Can You Make Depression Go Away.


I am one part of the Action for Happiness group in Horsham.


Wherever we look there are people that are just plainly unhappy. That is the reason I got involved with the group – to bring some cheer and support where there has been little in the past.

I have never suffered with depression.

  • I did have a difficult childhood.
  • I did have  traumatic number of teenage years.
  • I have suffered with a lot of bad luck.

I have also been very lucky in many areas.

I have a wonderful family and children.

I run the business that  I want, and on my terms.

Life for many of us is like that. 

Sure, some have more bad luck than others and none of us get to choose our family or family life. 

Most of us are still working for a living, still grinding it out.

With the current situation…

  • Politics
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Money

Go choose any one [or more] of those to get upset about.

And you will find that as sure as night is day – a dark cloud will follow. Your inability to change any of these things will of course depress you, they are enough to depress anyone. 

Yet, our own minds help us focus on the negative, make us look out constantly for the bad stuff, the news/newspapers/social media is always giving us something to be depressed about.

Combine that negativity with the first three negatives above and the balance of probability will turn in favour of negative, which leads to depression – that feeling of helplessness. That noting will change.

Part of this is how your mind is designed.

Part of this is how you think.

One half of these can be changed.

Instead of running to see your GP, who can’t really be bothered, who can’t spend the time with, who will give you a list of things to take and do and leave you even more confused, more broken. 




Take a minute to question your own thoughts. Ask if it is really right, ask that voice in your head (yeah I have one as well) try some meditation, read up on mindfulness, go walk around the streets, look at how wonderful nature is, how blessed you really are – then think about one problem you can solve.

Could be picking up some litter, smiling at a stranger, calling a friend you should have called last year, own the call, apologise for not making contact sooner. Then chat some shit. 

Whatever you do, don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault, it is partly how you were made. And you can change it.

If you are ready to get a shimmy on with this. The pop over to Action for Happiness, join the Horsham group – we are a fun bunch of people. And it will help you.



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