Can You Feel Better Today?


Of course you can.

The decision you are making now, to feel like you do, is just a decision.

The voice in your head, telling you how bad it all is, how miserable your existence is, won’t last unless you let it.

Just sit with it, answer the question when it tells you how bad. Ask it, really, is it that bad? Where is the evidence.

You are still breathing, there is no coffin surrounding you, there is no ‘cloud over your future’ ‘cept the one you choose to hold.

It probably isn’t raining and you are probably not dying of some horrid disease. But you are dying, life is a terminal illness after all. No one leaves here alive.

The longer that voice holds you here, the longer that voice stops you from moving, the longer that voice holds you in position, the longer it will take for you to find….

The breakthrough.

The lover.

The job of your dreams.

Whilst you wait and stew on that voice in your head nothing new can come to you. It’s like some kind of Star Wars Invisible Shield keeping all of the good stuff from turning up.

The quicker you take it down, turn it off and start to think about how good it all is, the sooner everything will change. As Zig Ziglar said “positive thinking doesn’t change anything, but it makes everything easier” , may well have miss quoted that but, but you’ll get my drift.

Give this a try when everything is going wrong, stop doing, stop trying. Just be, sit with it, question it but take no more action – leave it alone. Don’t even think about forcing it. Slowly start to think about the things you truly want, the things you can truly change – that is where your future is, where everything changes.

What’s gone is gone, take off the chains that hold you hear and stop listening to that voice in your head and truly everything changes – and you keep on changing until you get to the point in your journey where it all makes sense.

Or you die.

Either is where it ends up, and it’s no different for street cleaners or billionaires. The same fate reaches us all in the end.


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