Snow Day(s) Business Plans


Snow Day Business Plans


So here we are then on another of the snowy days, heavily forecast and  which look likely to continue certainly for much of this week, so what should you do?
Meetings are going to be rescheduled, clients are going to cancel meetings and staff are not turning up no matter which way you look at it my business can afford to lose days of lost production because of the white stuff. meanwhile of course if it lasts for any more days the impact on business, your business could have lasting effects.

Let me tell you what we are doing  in our business:-

I have told both of my staff members not to move from home.

The entire directions for  when they are not able to get out the house safely and arrive in a timely manner are…

To make contact with our best twenty customers by phone, email or sms and find out how things are going, is there anything we can help them with.

Once that is done they will be updating the websites with stuff that they had been planning to do for months, little stuff like updating content or changing some graphics, adding some snowy pictures.

For me I am working on a couple of ‘Voucher’ campaigns to be emailed for a Hairdresser we have been working with (phone him on Saturday morning to find out his plans)  he wants his guys working later this week and a good number of appointments have already been cancelled.

We should fill the shop with 50% off deals very quickly.

I have also put some emails and sms’s in our automated system ready to be sent later this week.

And made some changes to one of our Facebook campaigns which will be triggered next week.

I have also spoken to three clients who have not been active with us for a few months for no other reason than I know they will be annoyed that they will be losing business during this short period, one of them asked if we can get some bulk emails sent on their behalf and of course we can do that, these are scheduled to be sent in the morning.

This weather may continue for another few days, even a week.  For many it could be a disaster, in cash flow terms if you were going to use the final week of Jan takings in order to settle the Income Tax bill I would make another plan before that bites you.

With the right approach you could be having a profitable morning and spend the afternoon over the local park with the kids. I will be, and may even stop for a pint on the walk home. Happy days indeed.

More information on how we can help is linked below.

Richard Smith




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