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So how is Business for you over the past week, month, quarter or year?

  • Do you have enough Business coming in to meet your expenses and make a profit?
  • What about paying yourself or your staff?
  • Is your Business borrowing going up? Under pressure from your Bankers to decrease borrowing?
  • What about time, is your Business taking up more and more of your time? Working Late? Early Mornings? No Lunch?


There are some solutions, and these are surprisingly easy problems to solve that is of course assumes that you want to solve them,

  • to increase your profits
  • to boost your cash flow
  • to create more time for you.

How, you need some help from me, some help to solve these problems. No matter what your Business, no matter what problems it has we have solutions.

Some businesses will not want act, will not want to change and of course some of these will not survive.

When I set this Business up and started moving in the right direction I realised  that The Richard Smith was probably not the right name for our business, but it was the right name for the future or most Businesses in the UK.

Internet – ” is a worldwide system of computer networks – a network of networks in which users at any one computer can, if they have permission, get information from any other computer (and sometimes talk directly to users at other computers).

Consultancy – “the practice of giving expert advice within a particular field”

My Business is about Expert Advice for Small Business Marketing  and Management along with Tools and Services related to Growing your Business MASSIVELY.

All of our services come with a 365 Money Day Back Guarantee, if I do not deliver for you  with our services and consultancy over a 12 month period there will be a full refund of any money paid.  I am sure about what I can do for you are you sure you have the skills and expertise to do it yourself?

As always we are only a phone call away on 0845 226 9106.

Richard Smith

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