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Starting your own business comes with a dozen or so pitfalls along with the confusion and overwhelm  – just the sheer number of things to do often means things slip.

You’ll also be aware that there are things you just don’t know or didn’t need to learn when you were in a job.
Starting, owning and running your own business is like having a job, just one where ALL of the decisions are yours and success or failure is also yours.

Getting the results needed to make your Startup business thrive is often a mix of playing by the rules and pure alchemy.

And then you and I face the problem of results. We all want them, only today’ pace of life suggest we should have things working today and not tomorrow.  Everyone it seems is rushing from place to place hoping to get deals tied up and moved on. Maybe even making some sales.

And here you are with your brand new idea, your product or service and all you need do is break through the noise, to get the story out there, to let everyone know what it is you do.

What you’d not spotted was the fact that market is competitive, there are other sellers. If you are making a product that can be made cheaper elsewhere, or shipped for a lower cost you may have problems getting the sales numbers you need.

But, there are other things you need to factor in. Price is one thing, but your StartUp business [or product] is different, you know it,  just have not proven it yet.

The usual starting point for new Startups is getting a brand new all singing and dancing website together. Cost a couple of grand and it looks good.

Making sure the logo’s are just right, making sure the branding is just so.
Problem is not many  websites make sales and most don’t  do to  that well in the search engines. Perhaps this was money you could have spent elsewhere and got better results?

This is a problem that far too many StartUp firms have is this, they’ve created something that was never going to work for them. Importantly, most website designers have little idea about all of the things that really matter for Startups and even less about online marketing.

You can get my StartUp guide by sending me your details. I’ll also send you a voucher for a twenty minute session with me. That will save you hours and guarantee to make you sales/hard cash.

You and your Startup may also be overwhelmed with the information you need to soak up. Perhaps dealing with suppliers, the inland revenue, maybe even the local council or a new landlord.

This in itself is stressful and creates piles of paper to be managed and sorted.
Before you get further on there are your competitors who are keen to check you out and see what you are doing differently, you of course researched them before you even decided on this business, didn’t you!

You did do the research didn’t you?

Difficulty is, now you are facing the overwhelm – just too much information, just too many decisions. Startup’s nearly always suffer with information overload. You don’t have to.

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I’ll also send you a voucher for a twenty minute session with me.

That will save you hours and guarantee to make you sales/hard cash.

I mentioned a couple of paragraphs back about the issue of busyness and how everyone is focused on everything all of the time; and time is something that so few of us seem to have.

We are not stopping for anything. Of course that leaves many, including Startup businesses really not fulfilling your purpose of growing your new business.

It’s true that  getting a potential customer’s attention has never been so hard. Yet. Some firms manage it, to get noticed but how.

Forget what you’ve been told about using the social platforms or video or even conventional print advertising, most of this is not working as it once was.

Even the major UK newspapers are left begging for revenue in this changed world. You will not break through with your Startup business using any of the conventional mediums, without some other effort.

There are some things you can and should do which is why I wrote my StartUp guide. You can get your mits on a copy  [at no charge]  by sending me your details mouse here.

I’ll even send you a voucher for a twenty minute session with me. That will save you hours and guarantee to make you sales/hard cash.

I have grown and sold a number of businesses over the years, and there is a theme that ran through them and every other successful Startup business. You might not want to hear what I am going to say next, and I’ll be honest I don’t care what your opinion is, facts is facts as they say.

If you take action, poke something, ask a question, run some ads, speak to some potential customers you’ll get … Feedback, a website visitor, an email opened, a social media post liked or responded to.

Each one of these reactions needs to be monitored, recorded and tested to make sure you know exactly what worked and what didn’t.

Startup Business Formula

Do something (let’s call that an input) and you’ll get a reaction. By monitoring the reactions, based around the number of inputs you’ll be able to work out what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be able to prove your models and adapt your actions.

Input x Reaction = Probable sales.
You know that all sorts of things will get in the way of this formula working ‘out of the box’ but by testing the way forward your Startup will soon start to move forward.

That’s good news because it’s a very nice place to be – in control of your destiny and future via a business.
Don’t forget, if you want my Startup guide than you can get it using this page. I’ll also send you a voucher for twenty minutes of my time free of charge.

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