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Business Marketing and Social Media

So many questions on this subject I thought I would cover some of them.

We are seemingly overloaded with so many experts,  and even more confusion. So what is this Social Media stuff?

In the dark days of the pre internet there was not much choice about how to market your business, there was direct mail, local and national advertising and of course the radio and tv. Simple, a limited choice.

Now we have a range of options from Social Media and with this choice comes confusion and a lack of action. As simple humans, if there is too much choice we tend to do nothing.

At it’s simple level  all you need to be doing is having a conversation with your potential and existing customers, and now you have a range of mediums to use.

Social Media is just a range of tools to use to maintain this dialogue. So which media should you choose to use for your presence in these areas, simple answer to this is : Where are your clients or customers hanging out? If they are there you can bet your life there will be more.

Below is a short presentation about this Social Media stuff, of course you do not need an expert, you already are one. You are able to hold a conversation about your business and your offer. This makes you social, and the media is just  the tools in the toolbox.

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