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The Inland Revenue have been getting more and more aggresive in their approach – they want taxes paid.. Contact me for a no obligation chat, no matter how bad you think it is. Inland Revenue Pressuring Small Firms For Repayment no charge or obligation just some no B.S information that will help.
More and more business owners are worrying about the level of debt and the options to deal with cash flow or a looming debt crisis, this is not made easier by the likes of the Inland Revenue pushing to get their amounts settled sooner and your customers wanting more time to pay.
I accept that for many business owners there are not many places to turn for confidential and impartial advice about your options and that is where I come in.All in the 'debt management' industry (and Accountancy) will often just sell you a solution, the one they have rather then being creative with the options.
My primary approach is to save your business first and manage your liabilities second of course after dealing with any immediate issues.
The first step when working with me is to find out what is going on within your business, what can we do in the first few days to improve the situation, often this will involve me or one or my team taking over some of the day to day issues. Giving yourself some space to manage the business before the other options are considered.
Time to think and get clarity is as important as solving the immediate issues.

My approach is to firstly meet with you, and fully understand the difficulties you are facing, then it's about the financial information, including your creditors and debtors, and then your order book, so I can assess whether your business can be saved.

If your business can be saved will work with you to help you manage your way out of your debt.

We will then provide the  business debt advice to ensure that you do not get into financial difficulties going forward, working with you and not against you.

No matter what your situation or how urgent:-

  • Inland Revenue debts
  • Supplier debts
  • Owing money to friends and family.
  • Employing friends and family.
  • Being in partnership with either of the above.
Get in touch today in confidence. (Contact here or call 0774 007 6226).
I am based in Sussex and can be anywhere inside the M25 within an hour or so.
Richard Smith
For the last twenty five years I have worked for some of the major financial services firms in the UK so fully understand the approach required.
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