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Local Business Marketing | Blogging For Business
Local Business Marketing | Blogging For Business

Blogging for business is important but not for the reasons you might think initially, it is vital if you are running a small local business or a large multi national fbut for very different reasons.

My love of “social media experts”

As some of you will know I don’t always reckon much of Social Media marketing for businesses, and think even less of social media experts. But there is no doubt that Blogging should be an essential part of a successful marketing and social media campaign. Indeed I presented at a Sussex Enterprise event in 2011 and covered the issues that you needed to focus on in order to make this concept work for you.

Updating your Website!

If you are already blogging or at least updating your website on a very regular basis, then congratulations on being ahead of your competition.


Without a doubt keeping your customers updated via high quality web content and the various blogging packages is now easier than ever to do. From our perspective we have seen a range businesses increase sales exponentially by using some the online tools we recommend which includes owning and managing a blog.

1. So what exactly is a blog?
Essentially it is a collection of fairly short text articles in connected to common theme – your business. Blogs should be personal and relevant to your user/reader.

2. What will blogging do for me/my business?
Writing a blog should be about your audience and engaging with it, giving them valuable information and opinion, good or bad news can be shared. Creating a pedestal for you to stand on. To show off and add value. Engaging with those who may be influence by you, your business or your products.

3. What are the benefits of blogging?
Simply put – engagement with your potential customers, getting your point across provided it is a up to date and means something. There is little point in a Solicitor writing about House Prices if they do not get involved in conveyancing (house buying) or an Accountant writing about grocery prices. But it’s ok to have a rant if you can make it relevant.

4. Does blogging improve my search engine presence.
Google loves blogs, nuff said but they do need to be set up properly something that seems to be missed by many.

5. It’s time consuming!
It is certainly a lot less time consuming than working through Facebook status updates (nothing much happens anyway) and a lot more engaging that watching Eastenders, but not as good as spending time with the family. This post took around 10 minutes, please don’t tell me you don’t have 10 minutes ( if you want my angle on time management get in touch).
You need to get blogging and doing it sooner rather than later. You will increase sales, you will make more money and easier than you have done before. If them money does not interest you than having more time will. More clients after your goods and services means you can increase prices and work less.

Shameless Plug – we can set up and help you with a simple blog for less than £30 per month (some T’s and C’s apply) Get in touch for a chat you will be surprised how much it will do for your business  and of course all of this comes with the Small Business Marketing Consultancy  Money Back Guarantee  – Contact me here
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