Brexit – Dear Henry

Dear Henry.

BREXIT – MAY’S PLAN – Incompetence of the highest order.

We seem to have gotten into a bit of a pickle over the referendum and the subsequent vote to leave the European Union.

It’s  obvious that the former Conservative leader  – David Cameron was not expecting the vote to go against #remain and there was no forward plan put in place in order to deal with the mess that would be created  – the one we are currently in.

We have for the past nine hundred years or so had some kind of effective Parliament – which in 2018 looks more and more like a place for self interested and minor contributors to public life to create mayhem for their own personal views – missing at every stage their obligations to Queen and tax payer – doing the right thing, based on evidence and and agreed direction.

The Conservative party and the Labour party –  effectively the only two political sides that are going to make the difference in this matter are focusing on internal politics rather than the bigger picture and this has to stop – I don’t care if Parliament never sits again – #anarchy is a better way forward  –  which seems to just fine in Northern Ireland.

On #brexit there was no forward plan made and Theresa May has tried to do the right thing, although as a #remainer it was obvious what she was trying to achieve from the very beginning. It hasn’t been helped by the self interest members of her cabinet that would rather resign than work towards solving the problem – indeed if they have resigned because of her – then that problem needs to be solved. You will all need to step up.

Reality is, no one in your party seems to have any idea how to solve the problems created by yourselves and still no one wants to step up  – sure few in @labour seem to have a clue – but they’ll just disagree with everything put on the table – bit like the arse that gets invited for Christmas dinner – only to argue with every point of conversation made, yet makes no points of their own.

Internally, you the @conservatives do not have a clue about what you want and what to do and have spent the last two years doing very little about any of that. Your internal ERG group are a bunch of troublemakers that don’t have a forward plan,  they have not produced any evidence of a forward plan and are not factoring in the interests of the people. Remember them these are the people that vote for you.

As I see it you have two options you can continue as you are and destroy the economy and create a very divisive and dangerous situation in the UK.

Or you can withdraw article 50. Potter off and make the right arrangements for a leave or remain option. Then have a proper debate about those arrangements and allow the public to decide. I can’t for the life of me see how you are going to get out of this.

Basically, you have completely messed this up.

Sure those that voted leave thought you had a forward plan,  thought that you were actually displaying competence and were able to deal with a leave vote. It’s obvious you are not.

Decisions are not being made  businesses are stuck in no man’s land. Our health service is playing up and immigration is still not being controlled, despite the fact that EU immigration is at its lowest level for the past 20 years.

Look I know you’re a #brexiteer  but you cannot continue down this road of trashing the British economy and upsetting the relationships with our closest neighbours.

You are making us look like a bunch of halfwits, and we clearly aren’t that.

My suggestion to you is this pull Article 50 with immediate effect. The brexiteers and the ERG group and the rest of the Government and MPs go make a forward plan. Go work out what this actually looks like and then put that to the public. You need to do it honestly, and you need to do it in a well thought out way.

That is what you need to do if you are genuinely interested in acting on behalf of the British tax paying, voting public. If you can’t do that, you will be sending us  towards a disaster for the next 20 or 30 years.

There are plenty of issues to be focused on outside of #brexit. You should also get some focus on those whilst waiting for a the right work to be done on remain/leave – the truth, based on facts and information – not the opinion of a limited number of self interested, now unelectable freaks.

Yours faithfully

Richard Smith

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