Being Told How To Solve Business Problems Is Not Enough.

Life, like business does go through a series of phases, the ups and downs if you like. Peaks and troughs.

It’s a circle of life type thing and is unavoidable. Most of our problems occur when we look around and see other people, other business owners not suffering the same problems as well. At least that’s the perception.

And we are in the greatest danger of all when we make our actions based on thoughts that are not necessarily ours — looking at someone else’s behaviour and thinking we should do the same. Often you’ll be looking around the internet, standing at a networking meeting or having lunch with the family — and you’ll be told, given or offered something that just makes sense. And, then you’ll be off. In full scale implementation mode, trying to do what the one thing is.

Will it work? Nah, not until you are sure it’s a fit. Here’s why.

See, we are constantly bombarded with images and opinions and the endless Talking Heads telling us that we should do this, that we should do that, and we end up making a decision based on the opinion of the talking heads or worse still based on what others are doing.

Problem with that is we are now trying to make the insides of our business look like the advertised outside off someone else’s. Now, that does a couple of things for us, firstly it homogenises everything — because all businesses then start to look the same. If you want evidence of that, go look around the high street and notice that each shop is carrying very similar fashion items, all the dresses and all the suits are very similar. The colours are similar, the cut is similar. Run through
the local paper, or look at some online advertising, and you will see many businesses advertising or marketing the same product or service in the same way. It’s all very bland and grey.

Bland and Grey is not good.

You need to avoid, at all costs, being bland and grey, and the only way you can do this is to be mindful of what is going on inside your own head and make sure you take actions based on what you know and ignoring what everybody else is doing.

Of course this might seem scary at first but there is no way you can avoid it if you want to be different. The fact reminds nobody has a business like yours nobody has your problems therefore the solution has to come from you and not from an outside source.

Once you start to ignore what everybody else recommends, suggests or tells you to do, your business and life will start to change.

There is no point in living a life, running a business, that is controlled directed or organised by everybody else’s thoughts views or opinions. In order to move forward you should regard everyone else’s opinions as meaningless. You’ll be surprised how quickly you get the changes you want, but on your own terms.

It’s a very funny thing once you start to understand how to do things on your terms you’ll see how quickly you can move forward. It’s empowering it is the reason you run your own business it is the reason you live your life. Life and business should be done on your terms and not the terms of others. Don’t be driven by consultants or advisors be driven by your own views and opinions on how to do things.

Go try it the next time you’ve got a decision to make or a problem to solve you’ll be pleased you did.

As always, when you are ready to get going on this. Get in touch I’ll show you how to make it really work — contact me.

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