Banking Crisis – oh no not again | Small Business Lending

Could not resist watching the news last night, markets down, talk of a further banking crisis. Small Business lending targets all met by the banks. How funny was  it all, poor old Robert Peston (always feel a bit depressed when I see him), giving us more bad news.

It will of course get a lot worse before it gets better, Europe is not able to make any decisions (what with them having 4 Presidents) and an ECB that is more used to dealing with a mediterranean economy – more olives and cold beer than making stuff (ok there’s a stereotype for you) than a global one.

Our own treasury talking about difficult times ahead, as my kids would sms – LOL

The brightest star in French (EU and now the world) finances Christine Lagarde  is facing an investigation, the former leader of the IMF is facing prosecution in the U S  and he was tipped to be a possible next French president. Class act these people.

With the UK Goverment (both sides of the house) trying to distance themselves from the issues with phone hacking, and are off for the next 10 weeks or so, don’t expect too much from them.

Just wait till the Germans get brassed off with being the E U saviours, bankers.

There is a clear answer, get creative with your marketing, learn some new stuff and bank some cash. The more money you have in the bank the less all of the above will affect you.

What you can’t do is wait, what you can do is immunise yourself and your business.

My post from yesterday is here

Richard Smith

Get your own back on the rest of the world, go and sell something today.

PS Happy Friday.

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