Loyalty Schemes For Local Traders

 Would you like to Grow your business by 20% in a few months and be able to maintain the extra income over the coming months and years?

How about including a customer attraction and retention strategy in one place, using one cloud based tool and combine it with a full e-commerce facility?

Provided you decide to take me up on this deal I can make this promise. Your business will change, even if you decide not to move forward with my offer the information I’ll provide you with is yours to use.

What This Really Is? This is a genuine opportunity to do things differently based on good business practice and cutting edge tools, from someone who has worked with hundreds of successful businesses and start ups.

By getting some long term focus on systems and tools you can grow your business on demand.

These tools are the ones that are often ignored by the charlatans and crooks offering advice to small business owners, which is why I went off and built a set of tools to do it for you.

Business Has Changed  2021/22/23 are   going to be interesting years for you and me. You will also have noted that  the shysters are still out there trying to convince the world that the same old stuff   is working, it’s not!

Bottom line is  – you need be selling more shizzlenaks it’s the only way your biz can grow, and you can only do that by applying principles of business not tactics.

So I’ve put together a little package of stuff, that brings the best of a small business Loyalty scheme, daily deals engine and modern messaging tools to actually add value in a sustainable way that you control.

Get in touch, let me send you more information, you can make up your own mind. Contact



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