Small Business – Slow Sales?

When your small business start to struggle for sales, what is your reaction?

Do you sit back and analyse, look through the patterns of production and sales consider carefully your marketing and lead generation strategy, consider what you’ve been doing that’s worked.

Do you look at your website analytics, consider your joint venture partners, think about your affiliate marketing and how your influencers have driven leads and enquiries this month?

Do look at the individual activity of staff and their outputs, do you see if there is any 80/20 relationship between customers and products or staff and customers, do you have one or two big customers that have slowed down, have you phone them and asked for more business?

Have you worked out your best pricing, cross-selling, considered increasing prices, running an adwords campaign, focused on social media – looked to find unique ways of using your products or considered creating further services?

Have you done any of these?

If not then stop winging. Your business doesn’t have a problem – you are the problem.

You’d better borrow my brain to help your arse in gear. 100% money back guarantee – not happy, full refund no questions asked.

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