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Your small business needs the phone to ring right.

You don’t want to know about SEO or PPC or content marketing – you just want leads and sales, orders placed whilst you work – just like the big boys do.

Good news, these are things I take care of.

It’s not only me , I have a team. Between us we sort out your ability to sell online, get you found in Google (and the others) and make sure you have some automation to solve your business marketing problems.

I do a bit more than that though.

  • Cost-effective lead gen and follow up.
  • Make sure you get found online – not your usual SEO/PPC bods
  • Give you tools to/create content to woo your existing customers.
  • Can sort your social out (well not for selling – no one buys on social media.
  • Tech stuff – all sorted – online shops the works
  • Money stuff – help create ‘payment systems’ for your larger sales and to aid cash flow +

What normally happens is your business waits until the time is right, then it does something, spends some money on marketing, gets an email list or sends out an offer – and then you hope.

Hope it gets read, or hope a customer takes action. Or if you are an offline business – you open and wait. Post a few bits on Faceboook- that gets shared by the world (and his brother in law’s dog). Result zip, nothing. Nowt!

You then panic, ask a local ‘gooogle expert to get involved’ they blow smoke up your backside – tell you all sorts of stuff about how the did x or y and now the promise you the same, and and then…

… a social expert taps you up. They have a solution…

… and on it goes. Slowly your business suffocates and you start looking for a job.

Ok, I exaggerate a little.

Me, I’m a little different.

  • I work on a pay as go basis – month to month.
  • You know exactly where you are – no surprises.
  • I guarantee the results – that’s why I have a very tight team. I couldn’t offer the guarantee unless I trusted them.
  • You get me – not the team.
  • You get the skills, the expertise, the know-how. But just pay for me.

Basically as long as I keep delivering – you keep paying. We both win.

I’m also not a young buck, playing at this business development stuff. But I am a grizzly and gnarled fifty-nine year old who loves online lead gen (been doing it full time since 2010) and also love offline – coz that is where the other half of your customers are hanging out.

Yeah – half your market won’t ever do a Google search. These are under-served. That’s the reason there are still ads in the local paper.

Fact is Covid -19 has destroyed what bit of retail there was left and you have a massive opportunity to stake a claim in the new world, to give your customers what they want – when they want it.

You have an opportunity to do things differently, to automate, to use the digital tools that cross over into the old world – if you like to keep a foot in the old world and another in the new.

And. That is quite easy to do now.

Key is this – you won’t be able to do any of that until you’ve got a bit of experience working with you, someone who knows, someone who gets life as well as business.

Well here I am, here we are.

Current results – screen dumps below from actual, real life customers.

You can speak to either of these whenever you want – they’ll tell you how good I am, how honest I am.

Ready to get some honest advice, ready to move up to the next level, ready to get a shimmy on. Then use the form below.

Tell me a bit about you, your website address, your business details and then I’ll email you with a confirmed time for us to speak on the phone.

You’ll be pleased you did.

Oh and your details are not shared. That’d be wrong

For those of you wanting a longer view of how I work – longer video below.

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