A Mucky Fantasy About Your Business




Does anyone have a fantasy about your product or service?

Stop all of the mucky thoughts, this is serious stuff.


Look at this way, would any of your customers like the idea of…


  • Guaranteed delivery times (within 30 minute slots or a phone call to update).
  • 100% No mess installation (think Builders for example).
  • All of the extra cables required in order to connect up the thingummy whatsit.
  • What about an alteration service for new clothing, or a free valet with every service, pick up and delivery.


For every one of you,  part of your offering will have your  customers  saying, "wouldn't it be nice if xxx done that as well" – we all have them little extras that would cost very little, but impress the customer.

For is it's always  our under delivery on timescales, but you know what, we manage that in our favour just so we look good every time (no one said sleight of hand would not be acceptable).

It's not difficult to do but you do need to give it some thought, what is it that you need to do to make the difference, to make yourself stand out.

Once you have found out what these mucky little fantasy's are, put them in to your marketing plan, your website, tell them what it is you do that’s different, that gives you the edge, that makes it simple for someone to do business with you.

I recently listened into some sales calls, for a Hire Business, damn competitive building machinery, you know diggers and the like. Really interesting;  the firm hiring the equipment lost 2 sales in  few days over delivery  and the timing.

The firm wanted machinery delivered 'out of office hours' and there was  refusal from the sales staff, now what the client wanted was his fantasy played out.

A vendor who would get a member of staff to work for another 30 minutes or in order to help him through a difficult couple of days.
Now this machinery was worth many thousands over the months hire, and for the sake of 30 minutes overtime the deal was blown, twice in one week.

Often its not difficult to do, but you do need to do it.

Go and ask some of your customers what they fantasise about and then give it to them, email them, send a survey You  might be surprised, but your business will be better for it. Then pander to that fantasy in all of your marketing, your website, your brochures, then do it at the right price and it will sell.

Imagine for one minute, how sexy a big digger is when you want massive holes dug and quickly? I couldn’t either but I know a builder who can.

Richard Smith

0845 226 9106


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