A Google Orgasm – SEO For Small Firms

Further news this week that Google is about to change its algorithm once more and that should cause a fair bit of chaos for most small business owners that are relying on their websites for sales and marketing activities.

It was once said to me that “front page of Google is better than an orgasm” sadly I feel – you are more likely to feel a little underwhelmed if you even attempt the challenge, see it’s not a game you can win.

Google are constantly changing their algorithm, it is  not a new thing and they tend to change it at least three or 4 times a year in order to keep everybody on their toes.By constantly shifting the goalposts means that whatever you have done in order to spoof your way to the front page of Google –  as the algorithm changes so will your default position. Problem is you have no idea whether this position is going to be better or worse than it was before.

If your small business is employing a search engine optimisation specialist, you’ll know the they will be on the phone explaining to you why the results have changed and what they plan to do about it. The reality is the business of being a search engine optimisation specialist is a constantly changing one and of course he or she cannot guarantee that the position you currently have will be there forever let alone next week or indeed tomorrow.

It is Google that decide who gets the top spot and in the main tend to offer this to those business owners who pay for the privilege – it’s called Adwords.

Which leads me to here. If you are reliant on your website producing high quality and fairly consistent leads and or sales you need to be doing something a bit different. Relying on a third party business for your future income stream is always going to be dangerous. It is one part of your business that you have no control over and that’s never a good thing.

You may remember why you went into business in the first place – and I am sure handing control over to a third party is not one of them.

Reality is there are at least 30 ways to ensure leads continue to come into your business and Google should account for no more than three or four of these.

Now,  if your numbers are any greater then you have a problem. Because whichever way you look at it not all of your customers are currently online – let’s be honest – if  all of your customers are currently looking to buy your products and services on the internet or on social media you are probably making a shed load of cash – good luck  – if not then you will need something else in order to attract them into your web of marketing.

Don’t believe for one minute that the likes of Yell or the search engine optimisation specialists or the Google AdWords specialist or indeed the social media halfwits have a solution for you they don’t. This is something that you need to take control off, something that you need to be able to manage in house not externally,  if your business is going to survive and thrive.

You need to be completely in control, in charge of exactly how you generate leads for your business.

So when you are ready to take control of this get in touch I’ll give you my very best guidance and advice in order for you to turn this around. Remember if you don’t change anything then nothing will change, save things getting a little bit worse.

Just to put you under a little bit more pressure. Don’t get this right and you are just another day closer to death and or the bankruptcy service.  Smart business owners understand that not everything is single click and make money, realise that if you do the same thing as everyone else you get the same results – thinking and doing things differently is the only way forward.

When you are ready, get in touch. You can even ‘fast start’ your business via a ‘borrow my brain session’ guarantee it’s worth at least £10k to ya. Or your money back. BmB is at least two hours on the phone and all the follow up you need to do the work. If you have had funding from Startups Direct then this is free of charge under the mentoring scheme.

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