Sales are a Dirty word in 2024. If you Need more profit, need to grow a customer base, need to get better at admin, improve cash flow. need some honest help to do that? Perfect. I think I can help.

Where you now? Seems those marketing hotshots, financial whizzes, and business advisers haven’t led you quite where you hoped, have they?

My Open Letter to Small Business Owners is here. Letter

You’re still running the same old business, fighting the same old fires. Margins are thinner than a supermodel on a juice cleanse. And now those digital gurus want to sell you the next big thing – SEO, PPC, social media sorcery. But we both know those tricks aren’t working like they did back in 2003. Times have changed, my friend.

But fear not! This grizzled ol’ marketing guy has the cure for what ails you. Armed with nothing but honest optimism (let’s call it “practical realism” I’ve been concocting hands-on business development elixirs for small businesses since 1988. Need help with sales, marketing, money matters, or business development? I’ve got your back.

My done-with-you service covers it all – web, e-commerce, email, direct sales. You know, the icky stuff most business owners don’t enjoy. But have no fear! This expert is here, guaranteed to deliver results.

So if you really want some honest help in a world full of shysters, you know who to call. I may be an old fart, but experience is the best teacher. Let’s get to work!

What my clients say.

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