YOLO – FOMO Is It Making Us All Mad

2020 is now with us and it seems this whole issue of mental health is not going away, given the current levels of homelessness and the issues with our education system – oh and the politics I can’t see this getting any better in the short to medium term.

My question has been – what is going on? Certainly, if you are running a business or are in any kind of self-employment there is always a tendency to either ignore what’s going on or to try and make your outsides look like your competitors – which is always going to end up with a disaster

It does seem that we live in a very different way to our parents and grandparents, well more than seems – it is.

The internet and social media has certainly given us FOMO and YOLO  which of course increases the pressure, makes that voice inside our own heads even louder.

It’s really interesting, that voice inside my head – I thought it was only me that had it. I’d manage to get to thirty before someone explained to me that we had one. Mine of course was a bit of bastard, always negative and most certainly always controlling.

Managing this voice is the start of improving everything. If you are in business then your mental health, managing that internal dialogue is more important now than ever.

Especially because of the distractions, the constant noise, the next new thing hurrying along to take your attention. Whether it is the social feeds or the on demand TV – all the movies, all the weird and wonderful TV – it’s all available.

This of course makes it even harder for us humans to just be alone with our thoughts.

Now, I’m not going to get all woo-woo on you and talk about meditation or mindfulness – because you should just experiment with some of these at least. But if you don’t and that is fine, just be more present- be aware of the voice in your head and what’s going on around you – listen rather than respond – cease to have an opinion – just on this one thing.

I promise you, it will pay dividends in the long term, it will reduce stress and allow you to not only see more when you look – but it will make you aware of how your mind is driving you – perhaps even making you more up tight than you need to be.

Observe that thought, watch it rather than interact with it – you’ll be surprised at what you learn.

Until next time. Or if you are ready to get a shimmy on in your business, and need some ‘man Friday’ type help – get in touch. Contact form below.

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