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60 Days To Double Sales or Double Profits.

It should be easy to increase sales and to increase profits but for some strange reason a lot of the businesses I come across seem to have some mental block about how to actually achieve either or both of these. It certainly is possible.  

The short podcast about this is below.


As this update is being written we have news from Easy Jet – and they are saying that the 51% rise in profits (not turnover) was due to a simple change to the sales process – they allowed customers to book seats and charged them for it. Is it really possible to increase profits so dramatically, to increase the fortunes of a business just by charging for a seat. The maths are amazingly simple, the profit per seat went up from £4 or so to over £7, and EasyJet have a lot of seats  moving around most of Europe, most of the time. All they needed to do was introduce something simple that customers want. 

Is it that easy? Of course it is. The facts are above.

Now I don't want your views on budget airlines, I just want you to acknowledge the valuable lesson…….

A simple change to the sales process, giving customers something they want as part of the deal  actually increases profits. 

That is how my 60 Days To Increase Sales or Double Profits works – you and  I will look at something you are already doing and alter, adapt amend or adjust it to make it work better, faster or more profitable.

There are some proven ways to grow a business without selling more and the problem is normally you. Working so close to your business often you can't see the value you have hidden within it. Just like Easyjet once you take off the blinkers and really look at what is going on you will see exactly where you can boost profits.

As I write this November 2013 it's clear that Christmas is coming fast, and I know you will be saying to yourself that it's not possible to put in place changes to your processes and still get through the busiest time of the year, and just to prove you are wrong I have this week put in place.

A fully operation Customer Loyalty Scheme and  a Working E Commerce facility for one client – just so that they can automate the business in the lead up to Christmas but also take advantage of the increased spending decisions and footfall. We don't normally get these built very quickly but for this client – the Main Loyalty Scheme was installed over  night, and the E-SHop was created the same day. The total time taken to start marketing – 36 hours. 

Now I can't always promise to get to those standards of delivery – but I am commited  to you being about to potentially double your business within 60 days – using a range of tools and principles.

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I know I can help you build your business using some simple techniques, most of which are not new but they do work. Ask Easyjet


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