I don’t know what’s going on in retail.

If Arcadia group rumours are true then the whole sector would appear to be a lot worse off than one dare admit. Shopping habits are changing, plenty of people are now moving to online purchases instead of trapsing around the high street on cold and windy days – kids in tow. Miserable, miserable existences.

When you do arrive in store, we see surly staff who, in the main don’t want to be serving you, stock levels often inadequate and the sheer difficulty of the entire thing. Parking, traffic, staffing levels, attitude of staff, paying for bags – how come the likes of Next didn’t work out that paper bags could still be given away – ffs Primark got it.

Having to walk to the car, in the rain with your new purchases was never going to be a good look – which is why I don’t do it. Personally I stopped shopping for clothes a long while ago – on environmental grounds I now buy designer stuff but second hand – uber good for the planet and saves a pretty penny – yeah, you are right I don’t buy underwear like that.

This approach does two things for me. It means I don’t have to put up with the whole rigmorale of driving, parking and then have to deal with the person that can’t the bothered, nor do I have to put up with the issues in relation to pollution that new clothes bring. Honestly there is probably enough to go around for all us. Go check out any of the large charity shops – online and you’ll find plenty to buy.

If you look to some of the more upmarket High Street shopping you’ll note that customer service is a priority, like it used to be, back in the day. People proud to serve – like it used to be going to a foreign restaurant, with people happy to serve and to smile, to pass the time of day.

This is the problem with retailing, these are the reasons people don’t want to spend their money on or around the high street. It’s all been made a little too difficult for us, the pleasure has been taken away, and now it’s just a pain. Retail will need to up it’s game if it’s to survive if it’s doesn’t the game is up/over with no way of coming back. Customers need to be looked after, nurtured and then sold on something. It’s not good shops just being there anymore – our world is far to competitive for that.

Try it, go add some value, attempt to make all of your customers feel special, make every client feel like they the most important client in the world – good news is, if you do that then they will be back – if you don’t – then you might as well turn it in now.

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