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If you have had depression, anxiety or a feeling of helplessness for more than about five days then you may well be experiencing some kind of mental health event. That does not mean you are broken, that something is badly wrong with you – it could be that you have just started to listen to the voice in your head.

You know, the one that reminds you every day – how useless are, what a waste of space your life is, how the world would be better of without you. See I have the same voice. But, and this is the big but… that voice is not you in the same way that mine is not me. Once you and I start to listen to the voice – to give it a voice, so to speak. Our lives are over until we stop listening to it.

Fact is that voice is not me or you. It isn’t God or some other fixed belief – it’s just a voice. You don’t have to listen to what it tells you, nor do you need to act on it’s advice.

Importantly there is more and more evidence around to suggest that depression and anxiety are not the illness, just the symptoms. And these symptoms do not appear overnight. It’s not until the feeling of complete overwhelm comes over you, that you seek help; and that is a problem.

I have been a Depression Friend  for the last five years, helping people find a solution to the ‘Black Dog’ without using chemical solutions.

Get in touch, let’s arrange to talk (and meet if you want) and I’ll soon be able to give you some guidance and helpful advice.

You are not broken, you don’t need fixing.


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