29 Days In February

As we are in a leap year  we will be at least one day short. That in itself does not matter provided you use the rest of them wisely.

One thing that struck me a couple of years back was the real nub of modern marketing is relationships and still (2012) these thngs are not being focused on. Which is why  we have rolled out our

8 step – Soloprenuer Marketing and Business Building Strategy.

You carry out the steps and we guarantee an increase of 20% – 50% in turnover. Simple.

No other SEO firm,  no other Web Consultants or Designers are even talking about these things yet any business selling products or services you cannot afford to ignore it. It’s amazing no one is talking about it.

I have taken all of the information and knowledge learned in the past 12 years  of on and offline marketing and condensed the important bits you will need to make your business work.

Important parts of the 8  step strategy’s.

  • Why Social Media is probably not the best way forward for your business?
  • What things can you focus onto get rapid results.
  •  Why the Search Engines want you to be successful and what you can do about it.
  • Why big chunks of the Web Design/Social Media Consultancy/Search Engine Optimisation Consultants can never deliver long term.


  • Proven and Tested strategies that will deliver your online presence within days.
  • The real world issues that face businesses in this modern internet world.
  • Outlined in detail why Social Media is probably not a good idea now.
  • All you need to know about the Search Engines and what the ‘specialists’ don’t want you to know.

Guarantees that apply to this Offer.

  • Guaranteed vastly improved search engine ranking (if not at the top then close)
  • Guaranteed increase in the number of visitors to your site.
  • Guaranteed increase in the number of leads received.
  • Guaranteed success or your money back (even at the discounted rate)

You can call  on 0845 226 9106 or use this page Contact Richard Smith



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