2022 Small Business Update

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Need help working through all the post Covid-19 issues?

Perhaps your business just ain’t what it was, and you can’t see just how you’ll recover.

  • Could be that you are struggling to come out of this situation or are overwhelmed with borrowing and a stagnant business.
  • Could be that you are one of the Three Million affected by the lack of Government support and are worried about bills, tax and struggling to cope with relationship issues these problems bring.
  • Might be that you have acres of debt and no business at the moment with no forward plan. Worried about explaining to your partner about how bad it is, could even be you are just stuck – not sure what to do next.

Maybe you need an experienced professional you can have a conversation with in confidence – someone that doesn’t know your business but does know business.

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I’ve spent the last twenty years as a financial and business consultant. Not only solving business issues – but also the money

It’s likely if you are reading this then things are not quite as good as you’d expect.

.. Perhaps some customer retention plans and use of automation will solve your problems – saving time and money…

…Perhaps it’s crisis management, not sure what bill to pay next or just don’t know which way to turn…

…Or you simply need a business development person but don’t really want the whole “employment of staff thing” to go along with that…

…Perhaps you just think your website isn’t doing what it should, or you are not making the most of what you have…

…Maybe you really don’t want to be ‘sold summat’…

…And you really do need some honesty to get you doing more with less but without having smoke blown up ya backside.

If you’ve decided you need some help and want to move your life and your business forward without all the usual b.s and need someone to be truthful with you – that can work with you get it all moving – then drop me an email using the form below.

All conversations are confidential and without judgement – and I can help.

Right here, now you are in the right place. I can send you a copy of my Amazon Book on Small Business Debt no charge, no obligation.

Get in touch below.

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I work with small firms to solve problems to help them become more like Small Business Ninja’s.

My free report is here – – free report on online sales for 2022 is here

Ninja (n) – a person or business who excels in a particular skill or activity.

small business … an independently owned and operated company that is limited in size and in revenue depending on the industry.

More Leads   |      More Profit      |  More Time   |


July  2021 – if you think that the end of this Coronavirus issue means it’s all going back to normal – then you are mistaken.

More than ever you’ll need to be looking at your competition and be very different in the new world.

Even before C-19, as a Small Business Owner you have probably noticed that things were not working like they once were – the rest of this year is likely to be no better – with a whole load of shizzle coming down the road.

I’d like to help you and your business – not only by improving your numbers (thirty years in financial services) and of late ten years of digital marketing and online business development But by helping you cash in on your most valuable assets: your customer base and your financial assets. Both of which are full of stuff you can leverage. Leverage means more income/profits for doing seemingly less – working smarter not harder.

My work involves looking at all aspects of your business, to work out what is the most profitable thing to do next.

What Nikki Hobbs said about me …. “I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to increase the success of their business.”

The post Coronavirus world you do have to be more ninja, you may think the phone ringing is what you want – but if you end up with bottom-feeding customers that “didn’t want to spend that much” or “can you give me your best quote today” that’s easy.

Finding these customers is really, really easy. Question is do you need them? if you do, then you need to be more ninja than ever.

Getting to the real money is a bit more nuanced than just doing one or two things – and me and my team are good at it

Not just a marketing agency or a search marketing firm. 

If you are looking to put a third on your available cash. Looking to get rid of half your clients and still be profitable –  that’s quite easy.

Want a  steady flow of new enquiries from customers who want to work with you at your prices?

We are living through a more stressful few months than ever before – your customers want you to deliver, want their problems solved – and that is all you need to do.

I know that nearly every small business relies on techniques to bring in business. It used to be advertising in local papers, the Yellow Pages, and then Adwords – these are all are techniques.

If you want your business to grow and thrive you need to working with principles first – once you do then everything changes.

I can prove that – so much so all of our work from SBN comes with a money-back guarantee.

Covid -19 is like the local drug dealer getting arrested, all the addicts will be running around trying to get a fix – every business owner is waiting to the be the pheonix rising from the ashes, most will be history. All because of the wrong principles and tactics that are no longer working.

Here are the things you should be working on.

Leverage Your Customers and Your Money to Survive.

The big problem in 2022- – many business owners think they can keep doing shizzle in the same way – and get results. Truth is – go look at the high street at the end of 2019 and see what’s happening – that’s the truth (oh and now without Debenhams, Oasis, Warehouse, Brighthouse, Laura Ashley, Jessops, Clintons. There is a big list of spectacular failures –  and still think you’ll be ok by doing more of the same?

Go look at your pension statement or personal investments – both have been trashed by recent falls in the markets – so now what? 

It could be five to ten before they recover..


Now more than ever the trust must exist before a sale happens, now more than ever you need to look at your long-term planning very differently. Your customers need to be with you from now until death, either yours or theirs – this is a principle.

Dip ya net where the fish are.

Do you know why your customer base is so valuable?   Of course, you do — they are the people most likely to buy from you in the future because they’ve bought from you before.

It’s all about the tech man!

Use the available technology to leverage and increase sales. Use technology to stay in touch, to make sure you get and keep the best customer.

The money magic.

Do you know why your cash and investable assets are so valuable? Look at the desperate rush for Government money – few have enough to go for a few weeks let alone months – and then still don’t have processes to make sure cash comes in.

These three opportunities are the key to making money – in the modern business marketplace.

Just hold it there. If you are now thinking “that wouldn’t work in my business” stop – thanks for reading this far. You are a dinosaur and you will become extinct. This works in every business that tries it. I really don’t have the inclination to convince you. Thank you. But we don’t fit.

Ninja – taken from two Japanese words ‘nin and ja’ means to move stealthily, to conceal.

If you do the same as everyone else you’ll end up with the same results as them – and struggle.

By using leverage you will benefit from an exponential increase your overall spend, without leverage you are doing the same as every other business – I wonder how that’s working for them?

Provided you want…

More leads More profit More time

All work is either on a done with you or a done for you basis. Either way you get the result you want.

Get in touch. You and I can schedule a call and I’ll give you my best advice and a number of solutions within a few days.


You can get in touch via the form below.  It’ll be great to hear from you.

When you email me, ask for my three reports I’ll send them right back to you. 

  •  Growing a Business By 20% Using Automation 
  •  Follow Up Loyalty and Lead Generation
  • Kylie Jenner and your business.
  • Using Vouchers To Increase Sales. 


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