2021 – Post Covid Changes

Let me ask this.

How is business?

I don’t mean that in a flippant, asking because I feel I should kinda way  – in the same way people ask ‘how are you?’

More often than not  they are just being polite, they are not interested really

When I ask how is business? I am really asking about your profitability, the number of leads coming in, your systems, the relationship with your staff, with your partner, your children. Because every single one of these are important and everything is impacted by how business is doing/going.

And these are only a few bits that need to be right for your business to be truly working.

Like any machine, a business needs to be greased and oiled in the right places. Things need to be adjusted, leveled off, updated, tweaked; if they are to provide peak returns.

And then there is you!

Without spending time getting your ideas right, sorting out your own headspace, making sure your thinking makes sense – your business will never be at peak capacity – never quite delivering what it should. And even if it is you can do more, there is always more.

All of the stuff  I do falls into two clear areas.

  1. Mechanics, ads, copy, search marketing, email. Conventional sales stuff.
  2. Headspace – where the money is really made. Solutions, creativity, new markets, ideas.

One of these can be done by many, the other takes a grizzled old fart to understand.

Small Business Consultancy – that makes the difference.

In my experience most business problems can be condensed into a couple of areas.

  • Systems not being worked hard enough
  • Relaxed approach to customers/customer service
  • Marketing and Sales – quality not quantity
  • Over spending

The biggest of these is marketing and sales – and there are four main problems in this area, they are….

1. Your ads  if you are running them (and its usually the message to you market).

2. Your enquiries  (you’re either not getting enough of them or possibly they’re not buying).

3. Your offer (either not enough people see it … or it’s not converting).

4. Your follow up or lack of it (this is the ‘sex on a first date’ issue and is the cause of many problems).

There you have most small business problems solved in 120 words.

Solve these and nearly every other problem goes away.

Provided you’ve realised that doing business in the same way as everyone else is working out quite like you planned it.

Could be a lack of technology, your processes not quite working, maybe even the cash flow is not quite as expected (post Covid).

You may even be struggling with getting all your ducks in a row, maybe it’s marketing, maybe it’s you and the wholesale distraction that is going on now – the news for example.

If you’ve got issues around cashflow, pensions, borrowing and business debt, sales and marketing.

Online or off. Perhaps you are just stuck, in a rut or with systems.

Could be, you are sick of being offered solutions that you feel just won’t work. I know that I can solve some of these problems for you, quickly, easily and without fuss. Really.

It’s what I do.

Get in touch, let me know what you’d like solved. I’ll solve one problem for you, without commitment or obligation. When you are happy with that solution  and understand my skills are we can talk about the bigger picture stuff.

Happy working on day rate, per hour or a share of income. As a grizzled old pro…. I know where I can help, where I can add most value, all I need do now is show you.

I look forward to speaking to you. Form is below, use it.

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Comments or questions are welcome.

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