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This article, applies to small business and non-business owners. It’s about waiting, and life.

We all tend to live out life, waiting for something.

Putting all kinds of stuff into the machine of life (MOL) and keeping our fingers crossed the one thing will finally happen.

We’ll get to the point where it all makes sense. Once x happens we’ll be y, once I leave that crappy job and find something new it will all be alright.

Once you get to this point or another – once you get there. Once you win the lottery, get that job.

All of your pleasure and excitement, all of your life is deferred until that moment. That point in time when the stars align when the planets come together in pattern x – when the moment is just right.

The day when you are finally allowed to have that promotion when you are finally accepted into the club. When that friend or family member allows you access.

Perhaps your MOL is not working, perhaps Covid has fiddled with it and now broken it into tiny pieces, perhaps the shit is hitting the fan, perhaps your business debts are forcing you to reconsider everything – perhaps you think there is no point.

Well, hold on. You are loved, you are wanted – so let me help with that.

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Then it will all be ok. It will all be perfect.

Until then you’ll wait and wait, patiently. Held in a holding pattern, treading water.

It is going to be epic, when the moment arrives, ecstasy will prevail. You’ll be getting calls from your social group, congratulating on finally arriving.

My sarcasm should now be showing through. The absurdity of waiting for that moment where you can finally say you’ve arrived should now be apparent. Waiting to be there, to start living your life as you know is deserved is a myth.

You will wait forever, you will be dead before it arrives. You will waste your life, you will never get there. See it’s a journey.

That feeling you seek is inside of you, the external validation you seek, the wait for that moment to arrive before you finally feel free is here already, it is inside of you.

It has been there all the time. You have just not noticed it.

Can you see how you are manipulating yourself into a long wait – how you are putting up with stuff until the moment is right until you finally arrive or something else arrives to finally be…

It’s not coming, it never will. The feeling you want, the one you desire more than anything, the money you need, the love you desire. Is all waiting for you.

But you have to make it, take it, create it. You decide, you create, you ‘fill your boots’ with whatever you want from this short life.

It is in your control, it is there now – you just have to look inside that head of yours.

Get that neck top computer working for you and then everything changes.

That want of yours is there for the taking.

Go do. Go take.

But don’t wait.

The clock is ticking, your life is running out.


Ready to get a shimmy on with some of this. Get in touch, I’ll give you all the help you need.

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