2021 – a Dire Year For Anyone Selling Anything.

Yours may have been better. But with more uncertainty in the mix there is a grave danger that 2022 is going to bring more of the same, the same people moaning about the same old stuff and not dealing with the things you should be dealing with – if you’re a moaner – this isn’t for you. I can’t help.

I ’ve provided a little something for you, to help wipe up the mess of 2019 – to ‘clean slate’ your 2020- a little reminder from me that you can clear up those little messes. We’ve all got them – little bits of the business that are no longer working or that need some TLC, just don’t have time to sort them out or get someone on the case.

You know that many parts of your biz are not working like they were – or perhaps you feel the need to create something bespoke for those top end customers – who spend the mega bucks on the same shizzle your pond life customers whine at. 30 years ago, factory workers began to be displaced by machines and cheap foreign labour. The worker cost £6.50 per hour but the robot only cost £1.50 per hour. Anyone willing to work for £1.50 per hour? Lots of business owners are doing just that.

Today, retail sales are being replaced by websites and media, with automation. Imagine for a moment that you were a door to door salesman today (they were quite common even fifty years ago) how would you ever compete with Amazon or an online bookstore like Abebooks or even Smiths?

I’m a bit of a geek (some would say freak) – for the last twenty years, I’ve been saying that this ‘internet thing’ will change everything and it has. But for retail, it’s like having the rug pulled – literally.

Yet. Some are doing very well – but you the small biz owner just don’t have the ten grand to throw at a full-blown – e-commerce operation and then have to pay the web guy to make updates and changes for an hourly rate every week. And then there is the need to compete with Wowcher, Groupon, Argos – every other 650lb Gorilla that wants to smash your ickle biz. Sure they don’t have to feed your kids – but you do – that’s why you survive. That’s why this important.

It’s for these reasons I’ve spent my own cash on creating some solutions for business owners that want full control, want to make sure Google treats them fairly and builds in the social sharing options. Importantly provides the tools to engage with your customers and potential customers. You get the options you choose.

Automate sales – works for your 24/7
Makes ‘sharing’ an easy option
Comes with additional tools – direct mail and sms if required
Puts in place ‘budget payment’ options for bigger sales – get paid in advance
Frees up your time to promote and sell – provide service

It’s includes

  • A complete and fully working online shop
  • Click and collect along with shipping options
  • Product/Business review options built in – on your site, not on Google
  • Social sharing – across all the main social feeds
  • Email marketing – allowing to grow a captive market
  • Voucher and Coupon deals – including flash sales

Plus you also get the and sales help when required, along with built-in security and GDPR compliance and access to an online resource for use when you get stuck.

Perhaps your online plans are going wrong or there are some burning e-commerce fires that just ain’t working. Sadly, a lot of small businesses end up spending a small fortune on these things that just don’t deliver. There is a good chance that you’ve already spent good money on websites and marketing that just hasn’t worked and in retail, this is becoming harder and harder as the shopping pound gets drawn online more and more. But – it is solvable, you do have a choice.

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A couple of easy questions for you.

Are you really confident that you can make your biz really profitable this year?

Are you sure that your customers are spending what they could with you instead of elsewhere?

Are you able to promote and sell, and encourage your existing customers to come back for more?

Provided you can answer yes to all of those then you don’t need me.

There is a good chance that you on missing opportunities.

I’ve created a short course with some more information. A series of short emails on a dedicated website to support this brand new service. It’s free of charge, no salespeople will call, no pressure to buy anything – but if 2019 is going to be better than 2018 you’ll find it has a good deal of stuff for you to use – no bullshit, no lies. It’s yours on www.smallbusinessninja.co.uk

Honestly – I give this information away knowing that most of you won’t take any action, won’t do anything with it – for those that do take some action will find that their business changes very quickly.

I don’t need to remind you that those who got stuff right a few years back managed to survive and thrive – think Argos or Amazon – those that got it wrong Woolworths – Poundland. But, you know what, it would have been easy for any one of these to have gone the other way.

If there is any chance that one of this list could help, we should talk.

Messy or no automation of sales
MIs-behaving social and search marketing
Naughty and Facebook paid ads
Dirty and muddy email marketing and brand building
Poor or worse incomplete e-shops
No budget payment (paid upfront for bigger orders)

When you look around your office today ask if anyone has the skills needed to be able to solve all of these problems with you, in a way that makes sense. If you have, perfect you’ll be flying in no time. If that’s not the case and you just seem to be a bit messy with your use of technology and systems – but want to get ahead – welcome to my world, this is what I do.

I’ll help you solve those little messes once and for all, no long-term commitment – I don’t want a job. But I do want to make sure you get the absolute truth about moving forward, if it’s a crisis I can help if it’s a deliberate plan to move to another place, a more profitable place. I can help.

Meanwhile, keep this cloth on your desk – if you don’t need any messes cleaned now. The coming weeks may change – meanwhile making more sales, more easily is something you should want in place immediately.

Phone/Whatsapp 0774 007 6226
leave a message and the very best time to get back to you.

PS. It could be worth many thousands of pounds of turnover and profit.

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