2020 – Business, Brain Mush and Superstition

That thing inside your skull is a lump of flesh internally connected and in control of everything you do and understand. It’s evolved like it has to keep you alive, to make sure you stand up and balance on two legs, along with allowing you to walk and listen – to see and to love.

It’s a bit special – like there is probably nothing like it in the rest of the whole universe  – or at least if there is we’ve not found it yet. 

The story of how this lump of flesh got us to here is an interesting one – but one the way it’s learned a thing or two – and because of DNA and how that works – it remembers things, creates its own processes and systems, when was the last time you forgot to breathe or when you had to remember to put one leg in front of the other to cross the road? Billions of years it’s taken to do that – as if by magic.

Problem is, on top of these systems – our own mind has built in some other shizzle – that was, at first designed to keep us alive. Don’t go into the woods in the dark it said, avoid looking over the edge of a cliff, just in case the wind gets up, don’t be rude to the big bloke in the pub – he’ll crush you just for you looking. 

When people first started to write – they gave us warnings – even drew them on the side of caves – precious places where all the secrets are held – since then it’s books and Government policy – don’t eat fat, five a day, don’t smoke, eat veggies, don’t drive your car to fast. 

On top of them we have, don’t walk under the ladder, don’t buy a house numbered 13, 666 is an odd number for a policemen (only my mate in London was given that), don’t step on the cracks. Along with the dark alleyway opinions, new shoes on the table, sixpence inside the Christmas pudding. The list goes on.

Some of these make sense – Jews and Muslims don’t eat pork First meat to go rancid in the hot sun, bleeding animals to death also makes sense – the blood quickly turns into something nasty, water that is uncontaminated does not have any taste – we are designed like that – if it tastes of anything – there must be something wrong. Once kids start crawling they hate the taste of anything new – stops them eating what is bad for them. 

Other things, like the ladder thing don’t make any sense. I urge you to ignore them, or to even do them – break some of the rules – you’ll find out that they are indeed rubbish and make no sense. Don’t let your life be ruled by them – you grey mush knows best – it’s kept you alive so far – but the lessons from man are in the main rubbish.

Go break some rules, have some fun. 

Meanwhile if your business needs to change, needs to break some rules, get in touch I’ll help you. We can burn your sacred cows together. 


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